pretty much all you need to do for this is write 5 things, these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day. do it each day on your listography for a year, copy and paste this at the top of the list so people know what this list is all about.

start date: 190103 not sure I'm completing this list since it's a daily thing...but let's try.

[ january ]

  • 01: new year, dad, sad, grannie, jonghyun (jr)
  • 02: lazy, bujo, writing, kpop, performances in music yearly festivals
  • 03: ateez, listography, anime scenery, notebook, zuko
  • 04: physics course, transport, jesse’s album &, tshirt uncomfortable, dahye
  • 05: bujo, zuko , chanyeol, notebook, jdrama
  • 06: bujo, class notes, town fair, quesadillas, manhwa
  • 07: stress, worried, no water, coocked, avatar
  • 08: bujo, avatar: the last airbender, skins, water, luminosity app
  • 09: maths, reading, avatar, korean learning, the smile has left your eyes
  • 12: go out, korean restaurant, noche de los rábanos exposition, el internado, uni entrance registration
  • 13: wake up late, laundry, physics notes, the smile has left your eyes, el internado
  • 14: uni entrance selection payment, avatar, food, listography, notes
  • 15: sis’ school, physics, reading, study, forrest gump
  • 17: physics, too much information, english course, conditionals grammar, drawing
  • 18: shopping, indecision, me and friend got the same denim jacket, english course, sushi & tacos
  • 19: cleaning, bujo, study, el internado
  • 20: avatar: the last airbender end, painting, laundry, study, el internado
  • 21: cleaning, organized desk, study, sadness, i love you coreo
  • 23: wake up late, prints for bujo, svnsetstudies, maths, ily coreo
  • 25: study, shopping, physics, movies, feeling good
  • 28: back to school, sleepy, movies, bought a book, bujo
  • 30: uni, stressed out, sadness, pain, guilty
  • 31: uni, sleepy, coffee, english class, felt better

[ february ]

  • 01: had only one class, physics class, english class, reading, sleepy
  • 02: saturday classes, no transport, walking, took a nap, mass
  • 05: cleaning, homework, study, work out, minseo covers
  • 06: uni, physics class, work out, kindda relaxed, ateez makes me happy
  • 11: didnt sleep, anxious, teacher complimented our team work, touched, long nap
  • 13: calm, sleepy, short naps, work out, no homework
  • 16: rested, no uni, a bit worried, study, kpop randome dance
  • 17: laundry, homework, ambience music
  • 22: stadistics exam, sleepy, mum, dreamcatcher
  • 23: uni, homework, howl's moving castle, cried out
  • 24: uni exam, walking, quesadillas, feria, calm
  • 26: old reggaeton, home cleaning, homework, notes, candy candy
  • 27: "niña computadora", A+ reading report, full score stadistics exam, relaxed, terry grandchester
  • 28: talkative, enthusiastic, focused, yongguk, ateez fancafe

[ march ]

  • 01: waste of time @ uni, product presentation, pretty long nap, nightmare, scared
  • 02: bored, uni, regular social day, movie, tmh album
  • 05: free day, walking, homework, dancing, bang yongguk
  • 10: laundry, chill out, vlives, yoongi, seonghwa
  • 11: 2nd opportunity for trade laws exam, hwarang, went to bed early, calmness, the handmaiden
  • 12: studying, shin-chan, twitter, pissed and disgusted to *jy, candy candy
  • 13: accounting exam, not too good neither bad, peaceful after kinda upset, jelly art, han sung's death
  • 15: dont had first class, bangyongguk, got book photocopied, english course, ateez first concert
  • 16: first saturday and maybe the only one of this semester with no classes, tried and had for breakfast monte cristo sandwich, hamburgers, thor, ate too much
  • 17: e.viewz, homework, avengers: infinity war, why groot whY, i hate **self
  • 18: homework, lana del rey, new twt mutual I ;;;;<3, strong woman dbs, is love that cute and nice?
  • 19: fckng lazy ass procrastinating, stressed, aaron yan, homework
  • 21: uni, homework, hello my twenties, studied stadistics, short naps
  • 22: global issues class, sad and mad, didnt had the opportunity to present stadistics exam, english course, hw
  • 23: sleepy, tired, went to mall, finally got a vacuum bottle, body
  • 24: homework, work out, stranger things, heize
  • 25: uni, microeconomy research, stranger things, current joys, down
  • 26: free day, accounting hw, stranger things, work out, hate ****lf
  • 27: stadistics exam, shit, regretful, mvs
  • 30: microeconomy, classic cars exposition, chinese nd japanese food, shopping, inception
  • 31: beautiful goodbye, exam guide, mulan, inception, april fools, ateez fake acc

[ april ]

  • 01: sleepy, feeling worse, impi, motivation, fucked off
  • 02: seonghwa's bd, tics research for present., wanna go to a fckn party to dance and d***, homework like a preschooler
  • 03: unexpected good grade at statistics exam, kinda good but still a bit uncomfortable abt socialising, microeconomic studying, work out, hello my twenties
  • 06: not too bad presentation, got compliments from professor, sleepy, nap, tv
  • 07: woke up late, manga, laundry, homework, watched a film with family
  • 15: films, started driving lessons
  • 16: homework, research for presentation, driving lessons, films, feeling good at driving
  • 17: driving lessons, a bit frustrated, marketing presentation, film
  • 18: finished a few school tasks, updated listography, loved a tale of two sisters, no driving lessons, sad abt it
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