what's new?

  • jun. 1: day one of my fav month! (❁´◡`❁)
  • jun. 3: sebastian's birthday ♡_♡
  • jun. 6: 76th anniversary of d-day
  • jun. 6: nat'l wwii museum 20th anniversary
    • remember when i spent seven hours there. yea :'-)
  • jun. 16: bloomsday! i should try reading ulysses again...
  • jun. 16: daniel's birthday!
  • jun. 19: nickie's birthday !!!! ♡♡♡
  • jun. 20: summer solstice! ☼
  • jun. 21: father's day! :0)
  • jun. 30: my one year screenwriting anniversary ♡!


  • ✓ celebrate nick's birthday!!
    • ✓ and try not to cry this year...
  • ✓ prep for camp nano's july session
  • should probably... rewatch saving private ryan...
    • time will tell if i'm strong enough !


  • will arnett's voice... ohh mama
  • research, as always 0:-]
  • dancing.... still !!!
  • trigonometry, the physics of circular motion
  • patti smith, my most wonderful mentor and creative mother!
  • earl cave..... my GOD he's literally a baby-faced version of j, the resemblance gives me chills !


  • grabbing an iced coffee at the shop for the first time in three (3!) months and then a new notebook from target :0)!
  • moment of appreciation for justin: can genuinely say he's the only person who really and truly gives an s word about my interests ! like.... wow king. thank you for engaging in thoughtful conversation w me about the invasion of normandy and wilfred owen's letters to siegfried sassoon even though you have no idea what any of it actually means. i love u
    • justie listens to me hyperfixate on war poetry i film him skateboarding and falling on his ass so we can put together "justin bites it at the skatepark" compilations... if that isn't true love and companionship
  • signing up for the liberty road challenge!! am i ready to run 100 miles? no. am i ready to get in shape whilst also supporting the museum whilst also geeking out over wwii? [booming voice] YES
  • scarcely sleeping at night these days — but learning to love the early hours of the morning, the bright-eyed twittering of the birds, the dawn bleeding over the mountains, the cool hours working in the soil, the scent of mint and lemon lingering on my hands well into the afternoon...!
  • winning 2nd place in the county poetry contest with an extremely maudlin poem based on a single line from brautigan's in watermelon sugar... one certainly loves to see it

good things about the month

  • transplanting my seedlings; books on writing; hype man justie on the case when i start crying over rejection letters; learning how to plot a novel; the gasp that comes with a new idea; will arnett; sweetest dean-charles; one of my wattpad readers telling me my writing reminds her of virginia woolf; the satisfaction of finding a missing piece in my research and sliding it right into place, completing the picture; graph paper; concentric circles; westerns in the afternoon; the turquoise of my trig textbook from 1955; the ivy league aesthetic; thinking about grad school at columbia, princeton; piles of notebooks crowding my desk; my old salted caramel iced latte; paris review interviews with allen ginsberg, george saunders; luminous mornings, cloudy afternoons; hitting my stride 17k words into endymion; unconventional narrative structures; ouroboros; bright yellow yarrow in an old glass vase; evening thunderstorms; looping bike rides; little messages from ralph; early mornings in the greenhouses; baking cherry pies; washing the cars with dad; writing by hand
jun 1 2020 ∞
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