Thirty-five and recently divorced, Luhan struggles to find a job until a stranger mistakes Luhan to be around his age

Luhan has an obsession with lemon

Jongin wants Luhan to dress up, while Luhan want special play with Jongin and his friend ( threesome )

In which Sehun fucks his submissive yet innocent stepson, Luhan. ( incest )

He just loves his dad who is also acts and looks like a mom so he’s a MILF, right? Or is it a DILF? Well. He doesn’t care as long as he can fuck his dad: Lu Han. ( incest )

Sehun's first thought when he laid his eyes upon Luhan, was to get in his pants. When he got to know him better, he just wanted him all the more

Luhan appears to be shy and quiet - just like your ordinary boy next door - but deep inside he wishes he could fulfill all the fantasies he’s dreaming of ( completed )

Sehun had always known his brother had the kind of looks that attracted male students. More than Sehun would had liked, not so much because he was the over-protective brother some may make him into be, it was quite the opposite actually. But then one day he come up with an idea that will make all parties happy ( incest )

What will happen if you knew that you can travel to another year that changed your whole life? What will happen if you knew that the future changed a beautiful past? ( chaptered )

It didn’t hit Sehun how much he liked being little until Luhan came along ( top luhan )

when kai comes back in to sehun's life unexpectedly, how will he reacts to sehun and luhan slightly less than conventional relationship ? Will he be happy or will he try to come in between them ? especially when he thinks that luhan is in need for rescuing ( completed )

Luhan puts on a show for Sehun, and it involves his favorite blue button up

Luhan likes to play games and Sehun likes to play them right back ( vampire!au )

In which Luhan wants to try a little something else on Sehun ( topluhan )

Don't let pretty face Luhan fool you

"What the hell is that ? " the younger demamds as he towers over the smaller

no summary

Sehun likes them small, cute, giggly and petite. Especially this one boy with big brown eyes, a pretty face and such an innocent mind. That just happen to be his very own nephew ( incest pedophile )

Luhan first real boyfriend is to fine out, Luhan being a child of polygyny is far from the biggest thing he have kept for him ( incest )

no summery ( drabbles )

no summery ( drabbles )

Keeping an eye on Luhan come with some unexpected, but very welcomed, perks

Luhan likes to play games and Sehun likes to play them right back

description is too long and im lazy

As usual, sehun wishes being denied, the world. The world is setin entangling luhan on his life

Luhan finds himself as the victim of Baekhyun's latest plot, but he does ends up getting happy ending out of the whole ordeal

Sehun's idea of how Luhan first time supposed to go,doesn't quite add up with the smaller boy's own

Keeping an eye on Luhan come with some unexpected, but very welcomed, perks.

The pretty boy is mine

Luhan goes over to help Sehun and he swears, he has nothing to do with it when they end up doing something else

Join Sehun and Luhan in their parenting world ( drabbles )

A lighter, a modern version of how the Lonely King of Underworld was enchanted by his Consort through bad pickup line and oh a flower shop

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