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Hi I’m Cameron Oliver. I’m 16 years old and an otherkin pagan witch. This is just a place for me to log things about myself. Hope you enjoy!

Cameron Oliver follows:
holden ! about me (kins)
crushes (comfort characters)

Fran Bow {Fran Bow} My canon is almost the same as the game except I scratched at my arms a lot, and had a yellow bow in my hair.

Serafina {Serafina and the Black Cloak Series} My canon is exactly the same as the books.

Madoka Kaname {Madoka Magica} My canon is exactly the same except I was a little shyer.

Wednesday Addams {The Addams Family} Canon is the same as pretty much all sources.

Ichigo Momomiya {Tokyo Mew Mew} Very canon divergent. Mint, Berry, and I were in a polyam relationship. Events happened similarly, but not completely the same.

Circus Baby {FNAF Sister Location} Nothing much is known outside of the source. Not canon divergent.

Coraline Jones {Coraline} Follows the movie.

Natsuki {Doki Doki Literature Club} Timeline 1: Follows the game. Was Yuri's gf. Timeline 2: Follows the game. Dated male mc. Timeline 3: Slightly canon divergent. Dated Monika.

Ayano Aishi {Yandere Simulator} Timeline 1: Follows the game. Not too many memories to go off of. Timeline 2: Memories of being in a relationship with Oka Ruto.

Rapunzel {Tangled} Memories follow the movies and animated show.

Fluttershy {MLP Gen 4} Follows the show.

Elsa {Frozen} Follows the canon.

Strawberry Shortcake {Strawberry Shortcake, Newer Version} Follows the canon.

Usagi Tsukino {Sailor Moon} Not many memories.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng {Miraculous Ladybug} Not many memories.

Saoirse {Song of the Sea} Not many memories outside of the movie.

Mavis {Hotel Transylvania} Not many memories.

Heather Blackwell {Harry Potter Series} Not much is known other than my house was Slytherin.

Rose “Rosie” {Monster/SCP} Rosie was some sort of monster creature who took the form of a little girl. In her monster form she was black and had tentacles coming out from her back. She had a wide mouth with sharp teeth, and she ate humans. It is unknown what she looked like in her human-like form. She was kept in the SCP facility. She had a fancy for a worker named Keith.

Ophelia {Hamlet} Not many memories outside of the play.

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