september ˎˊ-

    • had a fun bday party, jumped in the pool w my whole outfit on! / had a fun pool day w mike <3 / leah got me the jellycat sun ahhhh + a cute ladybug mug! / got a new build a bear bunny for fall szn (ginger) /

august ˎˊ-

    • went to the mall w/mikel <3 accompanied with leah and scott! so fun and i missed seeing them :) / making love, not war. / went over to his house, we're official! / starting school again. / missed my friends sm, made more friends! / my birthday making me realize how loved i really am <3

july ˎˊ-

    • getting my stuff together. / new clothes, new person. / journaling! / buying so much clothes! new upcoming style! / had fun at the mall with my friends (who i havent seen since summer started) <3 / enjoying myself in new york / having fun w mikel :) / went longan picking with the fam!

june ˎˊ-

    • had a goodbye party before school ends. / discovering my style a bit more and experimenting. / slowly making progress. / had sm fun in guyana! marked the goal of getting out the country. / my wavy hair is coming back <3 / figuring out the new style for me thats best comfortable!

may ˎˊ-

    • had a fun time at nayeli's fairy party! even got my face painted! / my leather jacket came and it looks amazing. its just the right size! / presentation went amazingly! / barnes and noble date with liz and leah! also went to trader joes to get mothers day flowers and starbucks! they mean everything to me. / liz gifted me a strawberry mug! i love it sm its beautiful. / open to stronger and new connections.

april ˎˊ-

    • making new connections. / communication. / dissected a sheep brain in anatomy, so cool! / the chickens laid eggs! so proud of them. / clean room, clean mind. / got the mushroom lamp i've always wanted for my room! / my nieces cake smash <3 / keira and fal's bday! / eid mubarak! / threw the letter away and didn’t read it at all. i’m so proud of myself! / i love my friends so much. / it's been a stressful month, but im proud of myself for coming a long way.

march ˎˊ-

    • went on a trip to miami university and zoo! had sm fun. / went to key west and on the glassbottom boat! also watched the sunset on the boat <3 / went to see a play with liz. / sometimes showing up for yourself means that you have to disappoint other people. and that it is okay. / laughing gas with leah. / had a very enjoyable time with my friends at liz's birthday party! / went to cheesecake factory for the first time! / seeing my friends again after spring break gives me sm dopamine. / watched Wakanda forever, the music is so beautiful.

february ˎˊ-

    • sang happy birthday to leah! / minecraft era. / sienna gave me the arctic monkeys vinyl. / decorated my old chemistry teachers door for valentines day! / jjba fanatic. / a loving valentines day <3. / seeing 222 everywhere. / the healing process isn't linear. but that's certainly ok. / pilates is fun. / i love my friends. / went to paint pottery with liz and leah! loving my heart vase. / danced so much during mia's party. hung out with liz and leah in the lobby after a while and waltzed with them, the connection is unreal. / bonding with fal and kei <3

january ˎˊ-

    • cool glasses, cool polaroid. / had a fun field day. i felt free when running. / first time driving on the road. i love it. / obsessed with the angel wing charms for my headphones. / liberation. change. heal.
jan 1 2023 ∞
sep 19 2023 +