• the emperor's new groove 2000 one of my favourite disney movies ever, i think
  • napoleon 1995 hella childhood nostalgia, still lives up to two-year-old me's standards
  • sonic the hedgehog 2020 i started watching it ironically but i actually really enjoyed it
  • the phantom menace 1999 honestly should have realised padme was both my gay and political awakening sooner
  • attack of the clones 2002 12 year old me made a good choice picking this as her favourite movie
  • black swan 2010 been meaning to watch this for so long and it didn't disappoint. absolutely unnerving and so confusing i like it
  • but i’m a cheerleader 1999 lesbian rom com! obsessed
  • dead poets society 1989 never thought i would get so emotional over a group of straight white boys
  • everything everywhere all at once 2022 broke me down into a million little pieces and somehow put it back together again
jul 5 2022 ∞
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