• 05.01 / super cuddly one-eyed tabby. he wouldn't leave my lap and was purring the whole time! i love him!!!
  • 13.01 / very friendly tabby with a red collar on my way back home from seeing mary poppins returns.
  • 18.01 / fluffy black cat on my way to get lunch. really timid at first but purred super hard after smelling my hand and enjoyed being petted a lot!!
  • 18.01 / grey cat with a cute white face and gorgeous blue eyes on my way home from teacher training. a group of loud teenagers was approaching and the cat looked nervous and completely uninterested in me.
  • 09.02 / small ginger cat who was sitting on the car parked next to mine and who softly meowed at me.
  • 14.02 / beautiful calico with an adorable brown nose!! she was sitting on her owner's lap on the bus and was very quiet.
  • 17.02 / very fluffy ginger cat who showed me her white belly. she was purring all the while and loved being petted but we were interrupted by a car.
  • 15.03 / little foot, a shy and fluffy grey cat who became super cuddly after a while.
jan 19 2019 ∞
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