• a heroine that nearly wasn't
  • ✮✮ phantom pain 2k. traumatised!sak. very raw and real and beautiful. this is it baby.
  • heads or tails 755. “you’re underestimating me again”
  • if only 898. he merely smiled at her, eyes crinkling and slowly lifted one hand to cover her chakra-infused ones.
  • ✮✮ the pretty one 4k. kakashi is maybe ten seconds too late to redirect the assassination techniques. // tw self-harm
  • afterthought 1k. naruto is about to start advanced training with kakashi, but what about sakura?
  • i promise you that we're marching on 5.6k. grief doesn't end in a moment. it's a slow and steady march into the future.
  • suck it 968. in which sakura takes a stand, naruto and sasuke must make their own sandwiches, and fainting like a pansy and being everyone's little tool is mocked. a lot.
  • five people sakura punches 1.7k. "the first thing you need to know is that not everything can be fixed."
  • switching sides 756. sakura is done with boys and her teammates... well, they don't quite understand.
  • the dread 738. they make her feel twelve again and she hates them for that.
  • timing 1.9k. sakura is learning that promises are never broken. they're just sometimes a matter of timing.
  • oasis 3.8k. they couldn't break her spirit, so they killed her mind.
  • symbols of femininity 26k. the men of team seven begin to notice their female member.
  • this is how we break 566. sakura still confides in him, even when he's not there.
  • two things sakura did not do during the invasion on why medic-nins are vital, especially when disobeying.
  • dangerous habits 46k. where sakura gets to be as dumb and have as little regard for her personal wellbeing as every other naruto character, & teaches herself how to heal by inflicting & then fixing her own injuries.
  • are you ready? 30k. sakura gives up on kakashi as a teacher after team 7 falls apart.
  • five kingdoms for the dead 220k. after the forest of death, sakura comes to realize that being weak is no longer an option.
  • a casket full of victory 28k. and so, for everything she learned to heal, sakura learned a thousand times to end.
  • hokage by necessity 65k. but when tragedy strikes, it is sakura who must continue to bear the reality of the dream: endless paperwork, bickering kage, and political factions.
  • the first flower of spring 90k. because every ninja comes from somewhere.

sakura / others

  • pretty girl 986. kiba didn't know what was worse. girls when they were pissed off or girls when they were self-conscious. both were pretty annoying.
  • breathless sak/neji/shika. something occurs during a strategic mission.
  • sand speak 500. actions speak louder than words. or in gaara's case, sand speaks the loudest.
  • dance kiba/sak.
  • stumble 40k, sak/akatsuki. wherein sakura learns why growing up among sociopaths is ill-advised.
  • broken 21k, sak/madara. because we are all broken in one way or another, and in our mere humanity we hope for a happy resolution to our lives even if we know we will never get it.
  • cataclysmic 4k. five boys haruno sakura kissed, and the one she never would.
  • five glances 7k. and sometimes, if your name is sabaku no gaara, you fall for a girl by attempting to crush the life from her body.


  • breathe slow 29k. the war in his head is never over.
  • the tragic times of uchiha sasuke 18k. how being alive in the third shinobi world war changed the person that sasuke is and of the people around him.
  • ✮✮ genetics 6k. one man's journey to protect his children from their own physical attractiveness.
  • sleep with demons 7.7k. itachi and kisame make a stop a wayside inn before the rain. kisame makes a bet. a strange woman asks a favor. the event is the beginning of a strange and bewildering tryst.
  • ripple effect 154k. sasuke's return to konoha, and everything that comes after it. some people have changed more than they wanted or deserved to.
  • anniversaries 2k. one night every year, uchiha sasuke lets himself mourn the family he lost years ago.
  • goldfish 2k. sasuke owned a goldfish. once.
  • sasuke commits tax fraud
  • like glass 560. his family is dead, his brother is a murderer, his heart is missing. they call him a genius.
  • fade away 1k. the end, the beginning, and uchiha sasuke.
  • technicolor 2k. sasuke always dreams his what ifs in technicolor.
  • how heroes are made 874. it’s been too long and he’s forgotten, but in the end it makes no difference.


  • house of leaves 28k. the mission to retrieve sasuke goes horribly, horribly right.
  • cloud age symphony 76k. naruto travels between the past and the present, and somehow loses himself in the process.


  • case study of hatake kakashi
  • puberty sucks
  • better late the first time kakashi was deliberately late it was only by fifteen minutes.
  • still life in monochrome 3.5k. of hatake kakashi, and the things that can make a human being, or break them utterly.
  • ✮✮ lessons 2k. kakashi killed his first man when he was five.
  • skin deep 1.8k. kakashi hates praise.
  • mindgames there's a reason iq tests don't determine skill level.
  • cheating skills 2.6k. in the years since its invention, the cheating skills section of the chuunin exam had never changed.
  • to our friends who have gone ahead 2k. sakura leaves first. kakashi leaves second. and all that's left to do is nothing.
  • conscience kakashi muses on teammates, abandonment, saving valuable manpower, and choosing paths.
  • above the clouds kakashi becomes hokage.
  • uneasy lies the head 130k. rokudaime!kakashi
  • back in time 11k. that kakashi was not amused, was an understatement. not only had he been killed during his fight with pain, granted it had actually been his fault, but he had been brought back to life.
  • love 3.7k. kakashi doesn't understand love.
  • hatake 6k. he's always known his life is some sort of sick joke. he just wishes he could figure out the punchline.
  • the memorial stone 15k. a story fleshing out the ptsd that causes kakashi's chronic lateness, his relationships with his teams, and the reason he hides behind his mask.
  • cure my tragedy 2k. years later, kakashi wonders why being good at dealing death is actually a bad thing.
  • genuis under fire 3k. on both sakumo and kakashi as they live as genius ninjas in fire country introspective comparative piece.
  • to carthage, burning 2k. after the end of his first mission as a jounin, kakashi returns to konoha to face the consequences of the events in the kakashi gaiden.
  • ten years gone 79k. kakashi goes back in time.
  • these are all things you don't understand 40k. there is no other choice, sandaime says.
  • phantom pains 21k. there is something going on with kakashi, but minato can’t figure out what.
  • burn 531. because we all surpass our elders, in time, even as we ourselves are being surpassed.
  • nukenin 17k. in the sealed scroll he finds a bingo book – his own page marking him as an s-class nukenin with flee-on-sight orders.
  • if you fail 5k. uchihas have a habit of breaking kakashi's heart.

kakashi / rin

  • ✮✮ regeneration 66k. rin always knew her life was dangerous, but she still thought she'd live past thirteen. in this world, she does.
  • inheritance 60k. with minato gone and kushina's fate still uncertain, kakashi and rin navigate new responsibilities in the form of a toddler jinchuuriki who has no one else to depend on, disturbing new powers and ultimately, the quest to bring senju tsunade home.
  • homebound 5k. a series of connected one-shots set in the regeneration 'verse, where rin doesn't die, obito is brainwashed, and kushina survives kyuubi.
  • go find your heart, take it back 12k. wherein obito is broken but not shattered, several people want the rokudaime dead, rin makes a totally awesome jedi ghost, and there are balcony scenes but no one is named romeo. or juliet.
  • eyes half closed 11k. obito's doing okay, really. he's taking it one day at a time.
  • persistence of vision 3.5k. quite literally, kakashi's always got someone keeping an eye out for him.
  • phantoms 1k. you don't belong here. not anymore. you're not sure where you belong, but it isn't here.
  • if i don't go to hell when i die 5k. jinchūriki!rin

kakashi / others

  • blood, scars, and soap kakagai. gai and kakashi take a shower, kakashi is broding and gai won't shut up.
  • kintsukuroi 26k, kakaobi. in which kakashi and obito survive the kyuubi attack, get exiled from konoha, learn how to survive, and still manage to become legends along the way.
  • raising naruto, a reluctant love story 57k. "take care of him for me, kakashi."

team minato

  • left for yesterday 11k. team minato gets a valuable glimpse into the future. unfortunately, it's through the stunningly inaccurate and potentially mentally scarring world of naruto fanfiction.
  • a study in secrets obito wants to know just what's with the mask, and kakashi's not quite used to giving his secrets away.
  • rules of the game 1k. jiraiya knows life isn't a game but when he's got kakashi, rin, & obito for the afternoon he'll be damned if he doesn't try teach them how to play.
  • lunchtime 885. life is full of danger. it is not, however, full of good food, and so konoha’s team yellow flash enjoy it while they can.
  • three scratched out words 5k. they fit with each other, in that strange, ragtag way that teenagers do.
  • these moments we take for granted 15k. kakashi dies to pain’s attack and wakes up in another world. it’s a world where kakashi hadn’t failed obito’s final wish and sacrificed himself for rin’s sake instead. it’s a konoha too similar, yet so different that kakashi can’t bear to impose.



minato / kushina


  • something to remember me by 82k. first, he wants to win the game the boy runs, but it turns into wanting to win sasuke's heart instead. for some reason, naruto just can't get him out of his head.

team hebi / taka

  • hold up your head and run 41k. sasuke didn't think he'd survive his battle with itachi, but he did. he didn't think he would survive his final battle with naruto, but he did. now he has to live, but not in konoha.
  • team bonding exercise 7.9k. also known as team hebi does sasuke.


  • the babysitters 4.8k. itachi has half a mind to agree with shisui that the bizarre and dangerous combination of sasuke and sakura’s intelligence has created the precocious, adorable monster before him, and her uncomfortable line of inquiry.
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