• bruna, or nana ★ 27, she/her, intj | literature student.
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  • slytherin, zeus' child, chaotic neutral, herondale.
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:) ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ coffee with brigadeiro, wine, a warm cup of tea, spring and sunny days, crying over a romance book, male fictional characters, the color brown and soft pink, writing, cats, my ukulele, loving alec lightwood to the point of sobbing, fanfics, taking random pics, baking shows, spending some time alone, constancy, dark academia aesthetic, singing my favorite songs out loud, sushi, annotating books, when i’m not mad as hell at marvel, getting inked, metal music playing in the morning, bookstores with cafes inside, reading angst just to feel something.

feb 17 2017 ∞
nov 3 2023 +