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I kept dreaming of things that would never be

Mandy follows:

♡ Ango, Dazai, Odasaku & Murakoso

♡ Particularly interested in the platonic interactions of the ADA; same goes to Buraiha Trio.

♡ Soon to push my Tsujimura x Murakoso propaganda

♡ OTPs: Dazatsu & Odango

♡ Loves (would definitely write about it): Dazango, Odazango & Daran

♡ Likes (would maybe write about it): Ranpoe, Kousano, Chuuaku

The ships in the likes section are the ones that I'm absolutely okay writing for, but wouldn't normally do it unless prompted.

Please when interacting with me, do not make allusions to these ships in a romantic context: SKK, SSKK, Dazaku, Fukuran, Atsukyou, Akuhigu.

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