underlying motif

  • the lightning rod-- whether it’s your turbulent nature, your flash quick mind, or the air of unknown about you, your undercurrent is the lightning rod. you are somewhat unpredictable, but if we unravelled we’d see you know exactly what you’re doing, but it’s makes you feel less vulnerable to pretend it wasn’t planned. some people stay back from you, but others would follow you cross country, for the very same reason. they don’t know enough about you. the difference is in who wants to learn more. keep your golden nature, it’s exciting, but don’t be afraid to admit what you know. matshona dhliwayo said “lightning strikes but does not roar” your bite will always be worse than your bark, keep that close to your chest.

what do you attract?

  • you attract art-- sitting perched on a stool, posing coyly for your secret lover; humming the melody of the notes you draw out from your paramour; watching as colour fills the canvas with every brushstroke to embody your dear's eyes. you attract art. whether it's because you create it or because you inspire it, you attract the very people who create it, too. the atmosphere changes when a person enters your space. time seems to move slower as beauty rises from within you and is translated into song, or poetry, or dance, or paints, or anything of the sort. elegance is the best way to describe the way you love. you move, and the world shifts in your favour. the things you make with the love you share is endless, something that people drink from, yearn for, wish upon. to you, beauty is created, and not inherited; you know this, whether you know it with familiarity or you know it beneath the depths of your mind, but you know this because you've created so much beauty in the world and its effects are everlasting. from the bottom of my heart, thank you for existing.

theme of my coming-of-age movie

  • identity-- your movie handles the idea of not knowing who you are. it explores the confusion of identity, of the potential of being we all have. the movie might not have a clear answer, you might not come out knowing every single detail about yourself, but you will be better. you find that the real worry was not the fear you do not know yourself, but that others will not love you for who you might be. you might not figure out who you are, but you know you are loved no matter what—and that is all that matters in the end

my tarot card

  • justice-- what would you do to ensure justice? you know full well i don’t speak of lofty ideals and courts and magistrates, dearest. what would you do to those that hurt you? if i dropped them in your lap, what would you do? what kind of pain could you possibly inflict upon them? you are right to do so. you are right to want to do so. ignore the screaming, dearest, you are the hand of justice now, and they hurt you. do not look too closely at their faces, dearest. You are within your rights. you spell out your own rights, now. are you happy about it? are you certain that this is the right person you hold by the hair? does your anger hurt less now?
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