why are teenage boys so hungry for shit? why do they feel the need to make every relationship they have go to shit? not even just relationships in a romantic way, but friendships too? why can't they just not be weird about it and not slowly ruin everything

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﹒chu - they/them 👾

ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ✮ minor — asian ✮

☂️﹒i’m not the kind of fool / who’s gonna sit and sing to you about ...


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dear glasses,

you probably won't ever see this because i probably won't ever show it to you. i guess that means i can say your name in this letter, but i probably won't anyway because i'm worried that you'll find this.

i wish i could write a letter to you like oliver tate's letter to jordana bevan, but, unfortunately, i'm not nearly as skilled with words as he is.

when i randomly text you, i hope you know it's because i like you. when i look for you when we're playing some game i'm scared of, when we're in class and i swap seats to be seatmates with you, when i offer you my snacks when you say you don't have any, i hope you know it's because i like you.

actually, i think you already do know. i don't even know why i wrote this letter. i just wanted to feel romantic, i guess, but this letter doesn't feel very romantic to me. i even wrote this letter using s...

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dear glasses,

i confessed to you on monday. it is now saturday.

you told me that you liked me too. we texted and that was it. we aren't dating, we just like each other; it's not like we'd be able to date, school rules and our parents wouldn't let us anyway.

i'm too nervous to text you for some reason. even though i know we like each other, i can't bring myself to randomly text you. "what if you stop liking me because i'm so annoying?" it's stupid, but it's happened before, so i think my overthinking is justified. i really want to text you, though, but i know your mom is pretty strict about this kind of stuff and you're probably busy... is what i'm telling myself. in truth, all of that is just me making excuses for me not to text you because i'm being a weakshit.

i'm not saying your name. no chance. mayb...

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nothing is going my way :)!

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  • secret door - arctic monkeys
  • mardy bum - arctic monkeys
  • the archer - alexandra savior
  • no 1 party anthem - arctic monkeys
  • 'til you're mine - alexandra savior
  • soma - the strokes
  • the afternoon's hat - arctic monkeys
  • threat of joy - the strokes
  • sculptures of anything goes - arctic monkeys
  • big ideas - arctic monkeys
  • only ones who know - arctic monkeys
  • instant crush (ft. julian casablancas) - daft punk
  • shinunoga e-wa - fujii kaze

always updating x

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