dear glasses,

you probably won't ever see this because i probably won't ever show it to you. i guess that means i can say your name in this letter, but i probably won't anyway because i'm worried that you'll find this.

i wish i could write a letter to you like oliver tate's letter to jordana bevan, but, unfortunately, i'm not nearly as skilled with words as he is.

when i randomly text you, i hope you know it's because i like you. when i look for you when we're playing some game i'm scared of, when we're in class and i swap seats to be seatmates with you, when i offer you my snacks when you say you don't have any, i hope you know it's because i like you.

actually, i think you already do know. i don't even know why i wrote this letter. i just wanted to feel romantic, i guess, but this letter doesn't feel very romantic to me. i even wrote this letter using some sketchy site online just because i wanted to hear the sound of a typewriter as i typed so i could feel like some romantic in the 80s writing a letter to their lover, but it's clearly not doing anything to make this letter better. funny how i can romanticise everything but romance itself, isn't it?

i'm telling you on monday. i don't really like the term "confessing" because it's weird and i just don't like it. plus, i don't know if you can call it confessing if you already know what i'm going to tell you.

i hope we could still be friends once i've told you. i'm sorry if it makes things awkward, but then again, you're never seeing this letter, so who the hell am i apologising to?

nov 3 2022 ∞
nov 4 2022 +