dear glasses,

i confessed to you on monday. it is now saturday.

you told me that you liked me too. we texted and that was it. we aren't dating, we just like each other; it's not like we'd be able to date, school rules and our parents wouldn't let us anyway.

i'm too nervous to text you for some reason. even though i know we like each other, i can't bring myself to randomly text you. "what if you stop liking me because i'm so annoying?" it's stupid, but it's happened before, so i think my overthinking is justified. i really want to text you, though, but i know your mom is pretty strict about this kind of stuff and you're probably busy... is what i'm telling myself. in truth, all of that is just me making excuses for me not to text you because i'm being a weakshit.

i'm not saying your name. no chance. maybe you'll google your name again out of curiosity and you'll find this. ayaw kol, bata pako kol.

i'd say "see you on monday~" but i'd sound weird so

see you on monday <3

nov 12 2022 ∞
nov 12 2022 +