• Krystals: not as good as White Castle but did enjoy. Had the largest meal they offered and people watched on Bourbon St.
  • The Sneaky Pickle: had the organ meat local burger (middlingly good), the pickle plate (yes), and the mango sorbet (wow- and I'm not huge into sweets rn), best fries I've had in NOLA to date
  • tahini cookies: should've added sugar, made like PB cookies and lost the dark chocolate (too intense)
  • sweet potato and/or green pepper curry in the style of northern thai cuisine: YUM best thing I make currently
  • mashed potato with herbed goat cheese & parsley YES
  • kraft macaroni + steamed broccoli + cold avocado YES
  • sardines + pasta YUM
  • Jacques-Imo's alligator cheesecake YES bouillabaisse ok. bread pudding YAS
  • Verti Mart shrimp po boy hell yeah
  • Zapp's Sweet Onion & Sour Cream ok
  • Napoleon House shrimp po boy pretty decent/dark n stormy YUM/cheese plate pretty decent
  • fry & pie: the odyssey: gyro toppings on french fries preeetty good
  • walmart spicy seafood udon can't get ENOUGH
  • baby bok choy/asparagus/portobello stir fried rice + lemon-miso butter YUM (thanks simple green suppers)
  • garlic/thyme/portobello in yogurt on pasta YUM
  • yellow potatoes, leeks, fresh corn off the cob, chicken broth, thyme chowder thing v good with Crystal hot sauce.
  • blue cheese chik patty greens crystal hot sauce YUM
jan 28 2019 ∞
nov 29 2019 +