• a raincoat (will research)
  • a good pair of work pants (will research)
  • magnets
  • your favorite photograph of us for my fridge
  • stamps
  • bioquip
  • book/music/tv/movie recommendations/reviews
  • tuner (for banjo, like what Clare has at home)
  • bike lights
  • fix a yarn glove I have that has a hole
  • a vanilla coke
  • a good/simple wine uncorker (favorite wines: dry reds: chiantis, pinot noirs, cabernet sauvignons)
  • my favorite snacks/treats: any kind of cheese crackers, reese's, snickers, cheeses of all sorts, fresh baked baguettes/breads, sour gummy worms, fruit gushers, kettle cooked type chips (any flavor, esp funky ones), pizza goldfish a vanilla coke,
  • things I'm into right now: birds, bugs, reading, cooking, herbal tea,
nov 12 2018 ∞
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