fresh herbs are expensive, and some of them are hard to find in stores.

  • thyme
  • lemon thyme
  • basil
  • mint
  • sage
  • parsley
  • cilantro
  • rosemary
  • elderberry (for the flowers)
  • roses (so i can use them in food - they would be unsprayed, unlike what i can find in most stores)
  • violets
  • shiso
  • chives
  • garlic chives
  • cat grass
  • catnip
  • dill
sep 11 2015 ∞
sep 11 2015 +

i'm on my latest job hunt. obviously, i have a ways to go before i get despondent (like, a long ways - i'm not yet considering jobs in places like Imperial, CA, no offense to people who live there and love it, it just doesn't appeal to me). a few people have told me to "strike out on my own," but, thing is, i'm not the most entrepreneurial of people. i'd make a great partner, though. i just wish i knew someone who could just say "hey, i have this great idea, let's do this," because i'd do it. i know i have a lot of talents and skills, but they aren't necessarily all things i can put on a resume, or in a cover letter, or even say flat out at an interview, if i'd get any, and they aren't things a complete stranger would necessarily have enough faith in to just hire me - it's all about who you know. but whatever. here's stuff i'm good at, in absolutely no particular order.

jan 13 2013 ∞
feb 4 2013 +

Now here's where I get to rant. At the time of this list, I've lived in this shithole over a span of 7 years (with departures at various points to Europe and Canada). And I am officially over it. I want a new adventure, new types of challenges. Above all, I want a better quality of life. excuse the rambling nature of this list - it is, ultimately, a rant after all

  • after 3-4 years of life in New York, a lot of us are done with it. Myself included. I'm still here because I have employment, and that's it.
  • rent is ridiculous - at the moment, i'm paying $1000/month, to live in a basement with a small window that looks onto a wall. and the whole apartment has a severe mold problem. and yet, the landlord's going to jack the rent up 20% (so i'm moving out).
  • the yuppie/hipsters that are turning this...
oct 19 2012 ∞
oct 19 2012 +

i'm at work but my mind is already on vacation. lately i've caught the travel bug, but not the travel funds (except for my upcoming West Coast trip yay!)

  • somewhere in mexico for dia de los muertos (i hear mexico city is good for this)
  • Caribbean somewhere
  • melbourne
  • tazmania
  • wellington, nz
  • i'd like to go back to japan sometime soon
  • new orleans
  • texas
  • somewhere that counts as "The South"
  • i'd like to go back to England
  • scotland
  • ireland
  • i'd like to go back to paris
  • south-of-france
  • italy
aug 30 2012 ∞
oct 5 2012 +

lately, i've been finding out about bands that i think sound great, but they only do limited-release vinyl. i don't own any vinyl, because i'm not cool like that. however, i'd be willing to start a bit of a collection if i could get my hands on these albums. but i always am late to the game. here's what i'd get if i ever stumbled across it (i don't have the time or energy to expend hunting for this stuff, and i don't have the right friends who would know someone who has it, or whatever. huh, i feel like i never have friends who have the same musical interests. oh well.)

  • anything from the pheromoans
  • dirty cupcakes - i want it ep
  • crimen de estado - promo ep
  • does the human RACE have anything out? probably.
may 2 2012 ∞
may 2 2012 +
  • the three burials of melquades estrada
  • rurouni kenshin
  • indiana jones
  • mad max movies
  • stuff by jim jarmusch
  • jay and silent bob strike back
  • chasing amy
  • red dog
  • hallam (mr.?) foe
  • the breakfast club
  • sixteen candles
  • bettie page reveals all
  • funky forest
  • fantasia
  • lola
  • the pied piper of hutzovina
  • ziegfield girl
  • pinup girl
  • ziegfield follies
  • more brigitte bardot films
  • withnail & i (it's not on itunes, but i m...
feb 5 2012 ∞
sep 20 2014 +
  • obviously, very polish
  • lots of 99-cent shops
  • there are actually 3 distinct parts of greenpoint: the super-polish area, the cute and hipster franklin st. area, and further north where there's a lot of spanish-speaking people and metal/punk kids (more long-hairs than skin heads). oh wait, make that 4. there's also the really scary super-industrial area where i got a headache just from walking around one time
  • the brooklyn public library branch for this area sucks
  • a lot more people argue on the streets than in the east village
  • a lot of kids obviously born and raised in this area
  • because of all the kids, perhaps, they get pretty enthusiastic about the halloween decorations!
  • and even more so for xmas!!
oct 24 2011 ∞
feb 22 2012 +

in no particular order - i'll be adding more as i remember more and also as i discover more of course!

  • nine inch nails: i do not want this (song)
  • radiohead: creep (song)
  • marilyn manson: the nobodies (song)
  • marilyn manson: beautiful people (song)
  • deftones: change (in the house of flies) (i just remember this song making me feel really good through its beauty, to the point that nothing really mattered. it still does that to me.)
  • the lovemakers: little dru dru (song)
  • ronnie spector: she talks to rainbows (song)
  • eels: lone wolf (song)
  • cat's eyes: cat's eyes (album)
  • best coast: crazy for you (album)
  • dizzee rascal: do it! (song)
  • linkin park: one step closer (song)
sep 17 2011 ∞
sep 27 2011 +
  • candle holders (trying to tone it down a little with these. it's gotten a little out of hand)
  • robes
  • origami (justification: practical for keeping myself entertained when, for example, i'm trapped inside due to high levels of pollen)
  • teapots
  • purses (not my fault. ppl just keep giving them to me)
  • books
  • cds (or, music. it's not so much the physical objects i collect)
  • dvds (same deal as music. it's more the movies)
  • bookmarks
  • stationary (because someday i will practice my correspondence, damn it)
  • stickers (i am done with that collection. i have gotten rid of most of it, and am ...
aug 2 2011 ∞
may 24 2013 +
  • steadman's cats
  • the art of cruelty
  • east of eden
  • the book of the city of ladies
  • high art lite
  • the illuminatus! trilogy
  • the girl who kicked the hornet's nest
  • the girl who played with fire
  • the girl with the dragon tattoo
  • perfume the story of a murderer
nov 3 2006 ∞
jul 15 2016 +
  • sarah silverman
  • morticia (yessssss)
  • the landlady in kung fu hustle (sweeeeeeet. if only i had the kung fu skills to match. i can yell pretty loud)
  • darya (upon entering library school, i met a lot of other girls who have been told this all their lives, too)
  • the cheshire cat (i have no clue why this comparison was made, though i guess i do pull disappearing and reappearing acts more than i realize)
  • phoebe from friends
  • karen walker
  • sophie marceau (looks-wise. numerous people have told me this. i disagree, but she was a bond girl, so yay me)
  • sailor moon (i don't know which one. this was back when i was a scrawny little kid with long hair)
  • ellen page (apparently sort of in terms o...
feb 15 2011 ∞
nov 12 2012 +

i'm pretty content with the information profession, personally, and when i tell people who really know me and explain a little bit about archives and libraries, they're usually like "huh, yeah that makes sense, i guess"

  • producer/engineer (i think the guy was pretty drunk. i just said "that band might sound good if they had drums")
  • landlady (i'd do it. just give me some buildings, cuz i can't afford any)
  • cook/chef/something that makes food (if i had a dollar for every time someone's said that to me, i'd be set for the next year. the answer is no*, the asterisk being that i'd do an underground pop-up illegal restaurant, if someone else dealt with getting food and doing the monetary calculations)
  • artist (i'd do it)
  • comedian (nah, i'm not a performer. this ...
feb 15 2011 ∞
feb 15 2011 +
  • les nereides (paris)
  • agatha (paris)
  • that place in metro opera (paris)
  • street fairs (sf, nyc)
  • alberto (mtl)
  • ny adorned (nyc, on 2nd ave. and e. 3rd st.)
  • renaissance fairs
  • brooklyn flea (ft. greene, brooklyn)
  • lucky brand
  • kenneth cole reaction
  • metal pointu's (paris, nyc although idk if that one's still around)
  • swarovski
sep 5 2010 ∞
sep 5 2010 +

I have needs and desires out of cities/towns/counties/whatever. also, one way to really love a place is to find something cool that either started there or is exclusive to the area. sure it'll be something to miss when you leave, but it'll be great while you're there, and you can't take take it with you, but in the next place there's bound to be something else great! also, you can always take memories with you - missing things is worth experiencing life (i'm super-optimistic right now because it's nice and sunny and stuff)!

  • places to get a good massage, if available
  • places to volunteer (doing library/archive stuff)
  • a favorite dive bar/small cocktail lounge/wine bar if i'm feeling classy - one day i'll be secure enough to go to a bar alone for a drink
may 1 2010 ∞
jul 17 2020 +

livin' in the mission for way to short of a time before heading off to nyc for an internship. here's my observations/likes/dislikes/what i've done, for the period of late april-all of may, 2010 likes:

  • the vibe
  • the weather, both the gray days and the sunny ones
  • dolores park
  • the people
  • rainbow grocery
  • muni when it does what i want it to do
  • books, inc.
  • fernet
  • the giants (got a little more into baseball this year. not completely sure why, but i'm pretty sure canadia has something to do with it :p)
  • samovar
  • dosa
  • sfpl main branch
apr 27 2010 ∞
apr 27 2010 +
  • jamie at home (haven't used it yet, but i know i'll like it)
  • river cottage preserves handbook (have yet to use it, but it's pretty)
  • ball complete book of home preserving (yet to use it, but nice)
  • smoke & spice (it's just intriguing. have yet to use it)
  • southern pies (haven't used it yet, but it's pretty)
  • sweet cream and sugar cones
  • the all-american cowboy cookbook
  • mosh potatoes
  • pie (have yet to use it)
  • top pot doughnuts (ditto)
  • doughnuts (i think) (haven't used it)
  • bitters
  • the playbook shots book
  • the boozy baker
  • la nouvelle patisserie (i had to buy this. i loved this patisserie when it existed...
nov 4 2009 ∞
jun 3 2012 +

i was told in one of my very first classes that librarians speak in acronyms that no one else understands. i'm pretty excited about that, and have finally gotten around to making a list of the ones i've learned so that i can keep track.

  • EAD (Encoded Archival Description)
  • RAD (Rules of Archival Description)
  • MAD (Manual of Archival Description)
  • DACS (Describing Archives: A Content Standard)
  • CUSTARD (Canadian and United States Archival Description, I think...)
  • APPM (Archives, Personal Papers and Manuals)
  • MaRC (Machine Readable Cataloging)
  • KM (Knowledge Management)
  • RM (Records Management)
  • OED (Oxford English Dictionary)
  • PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service)
nov 6 2009 ∞
jun 10 2011 +
  • music
  • current events, domestic and world affairs
  • nature, science, animals
  • tattoos, art
  • mixed contemporary culture (like blackbook, vice)
  • booze (if i could find a cool one)
may 4 2009 ∞
apr 8 2010 +

sometimes i watch a film or see a picture and i'm like, damn, i want that thing that she/he's wearing

  • a charcoal gray dress
  • leather thigh highs that go high, perhaps with a platform; shiny not suede but also not patten leather
  • platform shoes (come back i miss you!)
  • a long emerald green satin robe, with or without black accents
  • luxuriously thick robe
  • casual flat sandals
  • long-sleeve, long dress in black
  • things that resemble the clothing in the keira knightley version of pride & prejudice (looks great *and* comfortable)
  • velvet dress
  • floral print maxi dress
  • wrap dresses
jul 16 2008 ∞
oct 2 2014 +

never thought i'd have nicknames, but i started to get them in high school and they just stuck

  • queen tmi (or maybe i should spell it queen teamai)
  • the madame
  • marta
  • mouse
  • mimi (only by this one weird chick)
  • fruit bat (by my mom)
  • cousin (by, surprise, surprise, my cousin)
  • mary (my name's pronounced marie, but hella ppl fuck up, and sometimes the fuck-up sticks)
apr 18 2008 ∞
mar 13 2011 +
  • i think i'm not into drinking holidays. too many gross ppl. yesterday was st. patty's day, i was out, and i was not enthused.
  • i prefer to eat with friends/certain members of my family--it's more satisfying, and, contrary to what a lot of scientists say, i usually eat less than i would by myself, b/c i'm busy conversing, so it takes longer to eat, and we all know by now that when you eat slow, you get full w/ less, yada yada yada.
  • i lose my appetite when i have to eat around someone i don't know well b/c i'm shy & get nervous (guess i should eat around strangers more often, lol)
  • i refuse to eat on my bed. too messy.
  • i cook almost all of my meals
  • i often am disappointed in restaurants b/c i feel i could've done better
  • i can't do the appetizers-for-dinner thin...
mar 8 2008 ∞
jun 10 2011 +
  • taylor mali
  • derrick c. brown
  • baxter black
  • ee cummings
  • anne sexton
  • higashi kume (i can't actually read her stuff yet, b/c it's in japanese that's too complicated, but i like her b/c she's my great grandmother)
feb 17 2008 ∞
feb 22 2012 +
  • non-prescription or lensless eyeglasses, and the people who wear them
  • when people try to make something that is, by nature, subjective, into something objective. especially in matters of taste. taste is what it is. it's neither good nor bad.
  • when people talk a lot about their eating habits and go on and on about everyone should eat (it goes with the subjective thing. there's no one good way to eat. everyone's different, and has different needs); i hate it even more when people tell me how to eat, or think they know me better than i do, and chide me about how i'm eating. uh, yeah, i'm actually quite healthy, and managed to become this way without your help, so fuck off. i doubt you've spent the last 6 years observing and experimenting with my body the way i have so shut the fuck up and trust that i know ho...
sep 30 2006 ∞
may 23 2012 +
  • Ellen Page (in the cute category, w/ emily mortimer)
  • all right, all right. i'm not gonna hide it anymore. the lead singer of the pussycat dolls (a.k.a. "big pussy," a.k.a. nicole something or other)
  • Anna Tsuchiya
  • Drea de Matteo
  • young (and i can't stress this enough: young) elizabeth taylor
  • young Bridgette Bardot
  • Keira Knightley
  • Uma Thurman
  • Lisa Light
  • Lucy Liu
  • Asia Argento
  • Naomie Harris
  • Emily Mortimer
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Cher
  • Shakira
sep 26 2006 ∞
apr 26 2008 +

I am apathetic about halloween. the decoration can be cute, cool even, but the dressing up? nah.

  • lilth
  • screaming banshee
  • the green fairy (omg i wish i could be this every year. SUCH a hot costume)
  • cat
  • hick
  • certain characters from japanese folk horror stories
  • murder victim
  • carver (from nip tuck) victim
  • girl from the ring
oct 28 2007 ∞
nov 3 2008 +

not all of these are english; i don't have a preoccupation w/ vaginas, i just happen to like the various nicknames that this body part has acquired

  • noods
  • strawbs
  • bloobs
  • boyf (b/c it's soooo obnoxious, hahaha)
  • maniacal(ly)
  • titface
  • whimsy
  • quoi
  • emasculate (and it's variations: emasculation, emasculated, etc.)
  • lurk
  • dimunitive
  • otr
  • jolie
  • tart (as a noun, in both senses, but not as an adjective)
  • nihil
oct 24 2006 ∞
apr 1 2011 +

some of these are my favorite places regardless of where i am, meaning i'll get all wistful about them when i'm elsewhere; others are places i don't necessarily miss when i'm in another city, but when i'm in town, i like eating there (in other words, sometimes when i say a place is my favorite, it's an absolute thing, and other times, it's a relative thing)

  • della fattoria (petaluma)
  • gottsui (LA)
  • raku (las vegas)
  • otium (LA)
  • simpang asia (LA)
  • the stocking frame (LA)
  • the doughroom (LA)
  • ray & stark's (LA)
  • mr. bbq (brea? fullerton?)
  • the lark (santa barbara)
  • paco's tacos (LA)
  • bossa nova (LA)
oct 8 2006 ∞
apr 19 2016 +

i don't use all of these, & some may never have widespread usage, but i still love them (i've labelled the one's that contain no english or that could be difficult to get when out of context)

  • aight
  • any word, with "fuckin(g)" inserted in the middle (hortifuckingculturalist)
  • qu'est-ce que fuck
  • chow (osaka way of saying chigaou)
  • hella
  • noods (noodles)
  • dac (short for d'accord)
  • mockney (that does count as a bastardization in general, right?)
  • anything verlan
dec 2 2006 ∞
may 24 2013 +
  • the cake shop (nyc)
  • divan orange (montreal)
  • casa del popolo (montreal)
  • the knockout (sf)
  • mercury lounge (nyc)
  • the bell house (nyc)
  • bottom of the hill (sf)
  • grumpy's (montreal)
  • music hall of williamsburg (brooklyn)
  • the venue @ ulu (london)
  • barfly (london (camden))
  • bowery ballroom (nyc)
  • knitting factory (brooklyn)
  • slim's (sf)
  • the phoenix (i don't actually go there hardly anymore, but it's still a great place, esp. 4 teens) (petaluma)
  • bimbo's 365 (sf)
oct 29 2006 ∞
feb 22 2012 +
  • David's Teas (Montreal, and perhaps elsewhere in Canada? and now, nyc!)
  • argo tea (nyc, and chicago, and idk where else)
  • rainbow grocery (sf)
  • samovar tea (sf)
  • whole foods (u.s.a.)
  • Tea Lounge (nyc (brooklyn))
  • Camellia Sinensis (Montreal)
  • Atwater Market (there's two shops with decent selections) (Montreal)
  • McNulty's (nyc)
  • Porto Rico (nyc)
  • T-Salon (nyc)
  • Postcard Teas (London)
  • The Tea House (London)
  • A'roma Roasters (Santa Rosa)
  • Itoen (NYC) alas, it is closed, but apparently still sells online...)
  • Kalustyan's (NYC)
  • Japanese grocery stores
oct 7 2006 ∞
jun 1 2012 +
  • "Meet the man of your dreams about dyin'" (from "rooftop" - Das Racist feat. Despot)
  • "Fish and houseguests begin to smell after three days." (idk who originally said this, supposedly Ben Franklin, but whoever it is was dead on. So true! Especially in tiny-ass nyc apartments)
  • "There's nothing that'll save your soul/All you need is alcohol" (from "Carry Me Home" by the Living End)
  • "I never kiss and tell instead I fuck it and brag" (from Blue Blooded by Hilltop Hoods.)
  • "The archives subsists in spectrality. It is the domain of ghosts." (Verne Harris)
  • "Your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride." (Anthony Bourdain)
  • "Can't call her shorty cuz she's taller t...
oct 13 2006 ∞
jul 18 2014 +
  • beard papa (sf, nyc, japan? everywhere?) (vanilla cream puffs. the only place that does them well.)
  • panya (nyc) (for curry pan!)
  • kogetsu (ikeda, japan)
  • gerard mulot (paris, rue de seine); also really good bread
  • financier (nyc, financial district)
  • a lot of places in japan
  • demel (vienna)
  • various places in budapest
  • benkyodo (sf)
  • may's coffee shop (sf) (tai yaki)
  • ceci cela (nyc, soho)
  • minamoto kitchoan (nyc, paris)
  • farmer's markets
  • laduree (paris) (3 locations, actually) near st germain des pres, corner of rue bonaparte & rue jacob
  • pierre herme rue bonaparte, near rue st. sulpice (paris)
oct 3 2006 ∞
mar 25 2011 +
  • violets (the small ones)
  • pussy willows (the name's weird, but they're soooo fuzzy)
  • those pretty flowering weeds that are all along my road (in cali) in late summer and in the spring
  • passion flower
  • cherry blossoms
  • apple blossoms
  • lavender
  • roses
  • acacia
  • jasmine
  • snap dragons
  • bleeding hearts
  • lily of the valley
  • zinnias
  • orchids, but not the boring regular ones that you see everywhere
oct 26 2006 ∞
mar 25 2011 +
  • crows
  • ravens
  • hummingbird
  • owls
  • quetzals
  • kiwis
  • hawks
  • falcons
  • sparrows
  • swallows
  • barred plymouth rock chickens
  • plovers
oct 11 2006 ∞
may 22 2013 +
  • start relearning how to read Japanese
  • continue getting in better shape
  • 1 pair of Christian Louboutins
  • not buying anymore dresses (unless an occasion calls for something i don't already have in my closet)
  • becoming an "expert" on LA the way I once was in NYC, Paris, and London
  • become more energetic
nov 23 2014 ∞
nov 23 2014 +
  • employment, livable income
  • stability of some sort - at least one of the following: love life, home life, job
  • when i have an income again, to save a third of my income plus $800 per month, and still have enough to pay rent, buy food, and have a little left over to have a little fun
  • happiness (always the goal in my life)
  • read more books - at least 1.5 books per month
  • continue to discover music
  • up my movie repertoire
  • do more art
  • health
  • travel, even if it's only short distances
  • build good credit
  • buy fewer things - i have way too much stuff. only buy books, music, and the occasional dvd. and shoes (a girl can never ha...
dec 21 2012 ∞
dec 21 2012 +
  • Cambria, CA
  • Cannon Beach, OR
  • Newport, OR
  • Cayucos, CA
  • Westport, WA
  • Bandon, OR
  • Sequim, WA
  • Depoe Bay, OR
  • Capitola, CA
  • Astoria, OR
sep 18 2012 ∞
sep 18 2012 +

my weekends need more structure. these days, i feel like i haven't been getting enough out of them

  • Relax, read, watch movies, check out/listen to music, make/check out art
  • Explore: locally
  • Travel (out of town, day trip or longer)
  • Socialize
  • Go to concerts
  • Go to galleries/museums
  • Go to the movies
  • Go to random events
  • leisurely meals (either at home or go out to eat) - can't do this in the workweek; but, not too leisurely, because that takes up a lot of time. maybe one or two extra-leisurely meals
  • farmer's market and specialty stores
jun 3 2012 ∞
jun 3 2012 +

my roommate fought with a water bug last night. so now i need to arm the apartment.

  • dehumidifier
  • boric acid
  • bay leaves
  • salt (not for roaches, but for my phobia of snails and slugs - i live in a basement)
  • roach poison?
  • fan
apr 9 2012 ∞
apr 9 2012 +
  • An old man married a much younger woman. They went to a hotel on their wedding night to kick off their honeymoon. The next morning, the old man came downstairs by himself, smiling, whistling a merry tune. He ordered himself a big breakfast, and then left to take a brisk walk. About an hour later, the young wife came down, looking very distraught and not well at all. She sat down quietly and only ordered a cup of coffee. The waitress said "what's wrong sweetie, you just had your wedding, you shouldn't have a care in the world!" The young wife replied, "He told me he had been saving up for 50 years. I thought he was talking about money!"
  • A young GI was talking to his new wife. He had to go overseas, and she was expecting their first baby. He said "I want to know immediately when you have the baby, but I don't want the guys to think I'm sof...
dec 12 2011 ∞
aug 11 2014 +

for some reason, i just get really lazy about tv

  • 30 rock (i watched it religiously until i moved to Canada and it became a pain to catch it for various reasons)
  • the simpsons (just so i can get more of the references certain friends of mine make)
  • south park (same reason)
  • little britain
  • parks & rec
  • penny dreadful
  • masters of sex
  • game of thrones
nov 20 2011 ∞
feb 16 2014 +
  • beets
  • cruciferous veggies
  • other crunchy veggies
  • wakame (maybe with soba?)
  • water, water, water!
  • tea, tea, tea!
  • music for all my waking hours (helps fend off fatigue, makes me happy)
  • as many naps as possible (helps pass the time during sugar and nicotine withdrawal)
  • healthy smoothies
  • soup
  • flaxseed oil
  • tui na massage
  • yoga at least once a day, if not twice
  • deep clean apartment if i have the energy
  • walks
  • lemon and lime juices. oranges.
  • vitamins
sep 29 2011 ∞
may 26 2013 +

i think i've been drinking a bit much. it's making me feel like shit. i do my binge drinking on social occasions, so i'm cutting out the social drinking (but you can only tear the nightly nightcap i enjoy out of my cold, dead hands). here's why i want to quit drinking socially: update: i drink socially now, again. i've learned the secret of bitters and soda, let's just leave it at that.

  • number one is the day-after depression and anxiety i've been getting
  • on that note, i think i've been damaging my nerves
  • blacking out is scary-dangerous, and super-shitty when you're at a show you wanted to remember
  • expensive: the markup on booze served at establishments is ridiculous, usually, at least, and i'd rather save up for a pair of christian louboutins, or a bottle of ...
jul 8 2011 ∞
feb 22 2012 +

i like all kinds of scents, but definitely not all!

  • grass
  • apparently this combination: Sweet Blood Orange, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Myrrh, Oakmoss
  • coconut
  • vanilla (but not as perfume. more as shower gel)
  • egyptian musk
  • rain
  • yuzu
  • berries (but only for bath products)
  • this combination: sultry orris root, musk, ancient civet, peru balsam and rarest plai.
  • and this: gin, pipe tobacco and wood
  • this: smoldering resins, opiates and tobacco fumes
  • and this:Antiquated leather-bound volumes of handmade papers and parchment permeat...
mar 30 2011 ∞
mar 30 2011 +

having been in grad school for over a year and a half at this point, getting a degree in library and information science, i have made some very unscientific observations, and here they are.

  • there is a higher proportion of people needing glasses or contacts in the library school population than in the real world
  • library students bake a lot
  • quite a few are into knitting and/or other crafts
  • low rate of cigarette smokers
  • we like to drink, like any other student population, and the parties are pretty decent
  • yes, there are people who wear cardigans, glasses and other stereotypical librarian gear
  • however, contrary to popular belief, library school does not do this to a person, it stems from one's personality
jan 9 2011 ∞
may 26 2013 +

I always get different set of symptoms, and I'm not sure why. Some happen almost every time, some happen a couple times a year, but I know they're PMS b/c there's no other explanation, they're listed as symptoms on authoritative sites, and I get my period about when they go away.

  • exhaustion without prior exertion. this is the one i hate the most, b/c it renders me completely helpless and useless, and it takes me at least half a day to figure out what the hell is wrong
  • general achiness (goes with the exhaustion)
  • skin breakouts
  • cramps
  • severe back pain (luckily i know weed helps this one)
  • depression/general emotional-ness
  • forgetfulness/clouded thinking/confusion
  • slight clumsiness with the hands
dec 4 2010 ∞
dec 4 2010 +
  • certain types of history
  • places i love, and other interesting places
  • art
  • music
  • good fiction (everyone has their own version of "good." just wanted to put it out there that i do like fiction, quite a bit, actually. the rest of this list is mainly non-fic, though often fiction features these topics, as well, either factually or fictitiously; one definite feature of enjoyable fiction for me is that there must be at least one character i like)
  • biographies, autobiographies
  • poetry
  • animals
  • crime, criminals (guess that goes with history)
  • food in terms of culture and history
  • humor
nov 1 2010 ∞
nov 1 2010 +

it's my b-day, and these are interesting figures who share it with me (by interesting, i don't necessarily mean cool, haha)

  • brigitte bardot
  • dita von teese
  • ginger fish
  • chuck taylor
  • iracema treviso
  • bam margera
  • hillary duff
  • confucius
  • young jeezy
  • naomi watts
  • marcello mastroianni
aug 29 2010 ∞
may 26 2013 +
  • not gaining weight (i didn't last time, i won't this time. i have reason to believe i don't gain weight from quitting)
  • having more time to do cooler stuff
  • more energy
  • less need for sleep
  • waking up less groggy every morning
  • better feeling lungs
  • better skin
  • more money
  • clearer brain for school and stuff
  • smelling good
  • not having to go out in the snow this winter
  • having less in common with the ppl i dislike who smoke
  • being happier in general
  • not being a slave to big tobacco
aug 10 2010 ∞
aug 10 2010 +
  • traditional bunny slippers
  • plush slippers
  • atlas of true names maps
  • a glass buoy
  • a sturdy, twisted branch or root to use in lieu of a curtain rod (just saw a picture of someone's room who did this, and it was awesome!)
  • the following diy candleholders (it looks easy and i always have cans lying around): mason jars filled with like pebbles or something to the halfway mark (tea lights placed on top of that)
  • a red lamp (important: the shade must be red, having a red base would be nice as well) - there's one at pates et traditions, and it lets off a really nice glow at night
  • always always more long, long-sleeved dresses, preferably in black
  • some long skirts, too
jan 7 2010 ∞
dec 22 2013 +
  • egyptian musk (body time)
  • china rain (body time)
  • little black dress (body time)
  • grass (body time)
  • oasis (body time)
  • bambu (body time)
  • smoky tobacco (cb i hate perfume)
  • cloudburst (cb i hate perfume)
  • bat (black phoenix alchemy lab)
  • the bow and crown of conquest (bpal)
  • death on a pale horse (bpal)
  • the great sword of war (bpal)
  • the scales of famine (bpal)
  • roses, diamonds & pearls (bpal)
  • mary reade (bpal)
  • lilith (bpal)
  • lampades (bpal)
  • bread-and-butter fly (bpal)
  • rockinghorse fly (bpal)
  • the dormouse (bpal)
  • white rabbit (bpal)
mar 7 2009 ∞
may 26 2013 +

i'll perhaps consider a short stint of work abroad, but ultimately, i'm pretty sure the USA is home. more specifically, the western states, the pacific coastal ones being the best of all. ideal: to become a yokel, stop movin around so much, and periodically go on vacation. the economy being what it is, i know i may have to move a bit more, but i'd really like to stop it - time for some stability!

  • a smoker?
  • a grill, if i'm fortunate enough to have outdoor space. a big grill.
  • small mixing bowl (an old roomie broke mine and didn't replace it. sigh.)
  • enough cool enough glassware for every occasion including the following types:
    • teacups
    • coffee mugs
    • short glasses, both wide ones for whiskey...
oct 5 2009 ∞
may 27 2013 +

i think i made this before and deleted it...

  • enz's (nyc)
  • free people (i know, i know, controversial but man their designers are good)(nyc)
  • jon fluevog (shoes) (nyc, montreal)
  • pataguas (shoes) (paris)
  • century 21 (not for clothes-clothes, but for underwear)
  • express for work clothes (everywhere)
  • levi's (and obv. stores that sell it) (everywhere)
  • i'm not gonna lie, american apparel. it's got some comfy basics (everywhere)
  • macy's (but not the one in nyc. that one's awful. i like the one in sf)
  • nordstrom (i tend to like the shoes)
  • both upper and lower haight, for different reasons (sf)
  • brooklyn industries (nyc)
  • j'aime onze (blvd st. laurent, and there'...
jul 18 2008 ∞
may 24 2013 +
  • gordon burr (archiving)
  • ken bubb (latin)
  • cheryl (riding)
  • eric thompson (comparative mythology)
  • todd straus (french)
  • pauline (french)
  • nadine and the other two ladies who taught the prelim french courses in paris
  • aya matsushima (japanese)
  • k. nonaka (japanese)
  • the guy who taught future of the rainforests at srjc
  • neal weiner (cosmos & the earth)
  • the lady who taught microecon at uop
jun 26 2008 ∞
jun 10 2011 +
  • walking in the fog, esp. while wearing a black dress
  • wearing perfume
  • wearing jewelry
  • walking around the house in the nude
  • applying makeup
  • going to art galleries and contemporary art museums and stuff
  • watching sporting events (not all of them)
  • learn new languages
  • ride horses
  • snowboard
  • read
  • drinking (tea, alcohol)
  • hang w/ friends
  • dance
  • listening to music in bed, while burning candles and/or incense
  • listening to music while driving
  • listening to music while doing... other t...
apr 28 2008 ∞
may 24 2013 +

a few years ago i resolved to be more aware of the products i was using. i probably can't completely eliminate animal-tested products, but i try really hard to buy & use things that weren't. most of my skincare/beauty products are untested on animals, at least. These days i'm trying hard to buy safer moisturizers, too. i don't know much, but i'm trying to avoid lotions with parabens and petroleum jelly/mineral oil). let me know if any of this is off. it's hard to tell sometimes with cosmetics because for some reason some brands only mention it in their faq's online.

  • giovanni soaps and shampoos
  • shikai soaps
  • coconut oil
  • method hand soap
  • jasön soaps and shampoos
  • hugo naturals soaps and shampoos
  • alba soaps
mar 29 2008 ∞
jun 10 2011 +

i'm hopefully never getting another degree again. however, there are things i'd like to learn still, and i intend to take one class at a time, and possibly teach myself some stuff

  • book arts
  • spanish
  • italian
  • german
  • japanese
  • salsa
  • tango
  • other latin dance
  • foxtrot
  • various art techniques
  • more stuff with archival techniques, including dealing with rare books and a/v materials, as well as a little museology and metadata
  • also, boring tech shit (how to do different programming things and use various pot...
nov 13 2007 ∞
may 24 2013 +
  • real fruit (though not all fruit)
  • Japanese faux strawberry
  • green tea
  • garlic
  • real maple syrup
  • oregano
  • thyme
  • rosemary
  • cumin
  • beer
  • soy sauce
nov 13 2007 ∞
nov 13 2007 +

these are mostly coffeehouses/cafes (why do things have to be so complicated), but i don't drink coffee, & most tea places are dreadfully stuck up and have kind of a musty, "old money" feel; these are the creme de la creme, as far as i'm concerned, the places i will actually go out of my way to hang out in (ok, so i have to be w/in 40 minutes of the place)

  • the cafe at the Angelika - i think maybe it's overpriced sometimes, but the space is just lovely, and so peaceful (as long as there's no large group of little kids for some movie. safest to go on the weekdays and anytime there's not child-geared movie on) (W. houston and mercer, nyc)
  • café grumpy (diamond & meserole, brooklyn)
  • le cagibi, at least in the morning (blvd. st. laurent, montreal)
  • camellia sinensis (rue emery, montreal)
oct 7 2006 ∞
jun 3 2012 +
  • stable hand (entailed cleaning sometimes verrrry filthy barn, making the horses look clean enough, feeding & observing their health, but also riding around a ginormous ranch, which really was what took up most of my time)
  • administrative assisstant (for my dad--i work in an old mobile home, amongst all sorts of dead animal pieces, like hats made out of whole bobcats, unstuffed badgers, buffalo hides--my dog doesn't like coming to work w/ me b/c it smells like death, i guess)
  • intern at UN Archives in nyc - awesome first archival experience. lots of preservation work
  • intern at jewish public library in montreal - wow, i know so much about the montreal jewish community now! another fun archiving experience!
  • records management consultant/archivist a...
oct 23 2006 ∞
feb 22 2012 +
  • petaluma, ca
  • nyc
  • paris, france
  • london, england
  • montreal, qc, canada
nov 1 2006 ∞
feb 10 2010 +
  • hunx & his punx
  • tilly & the wall
  • toast machine
  • the lovemakers
  • the living end
  • electric 6
  • peelander-z
  • uc berkeley youth jazz program
  • cake
  • the subways
  • pigeon john
  • taiko dojos in general
  • cold war kids
oct 8 2006 ∞
jul 29 2010 +

i had no idea i had preferences, but now i do, so here they are for my future reference

  • ideal neighbors are neighbors who are either basically invisible/hermits or really cool. currently i've got a few neighbors who i'd like to throw off a cliff.
  • shouldn't be too big. i don't like having excessive space, because i don't like living in something i feel is pointless. also, it's more to clean.
  • annoyances involving doing laundry must be minimized. this means: it must be near a decent laundromat, or, if in-house, there must be enough machines AND payment (if applicable) must not be fucked up (as in, payment machines better be working at least 99% of the time, and i definitely better not have to pay the super because that means i am at the mercy of whether they choose to be around - my current fucki...
dec 12 2006 ∞
may 22 2013 +

i think the fact that most of my favorite classes were at the junior college should say something, i just don't know quite what

  • Contemporary Art in Britain (nyu in london)
  • Comparitive Mythology (srjc)
  • Future of the Rainforests (srjc)
  • Elementary Latin (srjc)
  • Intro to Dance Movement (srjc)
  • Courtesans of the Italian Renaissance (nyu)
  • Elementary French (srjc)
  • AP English (phs)
  • Micro Econ (uop)
  • Macro Econ (phs)
  • Asian Philosophy (srjc)
  • Elementary Italian (srjc)
  • Intro to Art and Design (srjc)
  • Pilates Mat (srjc)
  • Archival Principles & Practice (mcgill)
oct 5 2006 ∞
may 24 2013 +
  • sue scullard
  • julie bell and boris vallejo
  • alex pardee
  • marco mazzoni
  • dan hillier
  • mark ryder
  • marion peck
  • saner
  • ralph steadman
  • eric yahnker
  • banksy
  • blek le rat
  • space invader
  • dan santoro (he did my 1st tattoo years ago!)
  • alexander mcqueen (clothing designer, yes. but, also, artist. definitely.)
  • rodin (love the gates of hell)
  • INSA
  • francis bacon
  • jay burch (favorite pic is sunrise)
nov 3 2006 ∞
apr 18 2013 +
  • along the canal st. martin
  • along the east river, between south street seaport & pathmark, far enough away to no longer suffer the fish market's stench
  • square gabriel pierne (on rue de seine, paris, 6e)
  • place st. sulpice (paris, 6e, across southern end of rue des canettes)
  • the area just catty-corner to place st. sulpice, nw corner of rue des canettes & rue st. sulpice
  • place dauphine (paris, 1e, ile de la cite towards the west)
  • pont des arts (6e & whatever arrondissement's on the other side, prob. the 1e, paris)
oct 20 2006 ∞
oct 26 2006 +
  • people who walk out the goddamn train doors, and then just fucking stand there in the way. being there won't help you figure out where you're going, so get moving!
  • people who shit in the train (nyc)
  • very strange men who openly pick & then eat boogers (nyc & japan)
  • those who, in a crowded train/shuttle, will LEAN on the pole people hang onto for balance, so no one else can grab it (paris)
  • human vapor, crowds, esp. in the winter (nyc, paris)
  • when it's not air conditioned (sometimes in nyc, always in paris)
  • extremely bad-smelling/noticeably dirty people(has happened to me everywhere)
  • idiots who expect money b/c they're playing shitty music, off the radio(ummm are you too stupid to realize there's shitty reception in the subway?), loudly, doing n...
oct 18 2006 ∞
mar 16 2008 +
  • fluency (and literacy) in at least 3 languages (i'm including English :p), but maybe 8 languages by the time i'm old
  • go snowboarding in the southern hemisphere several times
  • scotch tasting in scotland
  • learn to drive stick shift
  • do the splits. both ways.
  • get a flat stomach (it's good enough right now, but i can do better)
  • get a tattoo at three tides
sep 5 2015 ∞
sep 5 2015 +

I've made a few of those "love/hate" lists, but oddly never about the place I've lived longest (at least as far as my adult life is concerned). It's about time, n'est-ce pas?

  • the first 3-4 years are like the honeymoon years - so much to discover, etc.
  • the cake shop
  • the walkability - growing up in the country, i always saw the ability/need to walk everywhere as a privilege, not a disadvantage. great exercise, meaning no need for attending a stupid gym!
  • there are japanese grocery stores here (important feature)
  • for my profession, lots of job opportunities (although, also lots of competition)
  • otafuku
  • prospect park
  • tea lounge
  • good bands always come through here - and...
oct 19 2012 ∞
oct 19 2012 +

i love toast. people in my home frequently see me holding a piece of toast, or smell toast (no one will ever know, if they are at my apartment, whether they're having a stroke or i'm just churning out more toast). there are many many toppings i adore on toast. so i shall be listing them.

  • with nice butter, either salted or unsalted
  • with unsalted butter and marmite
  • butter and brown sugar
  • butter and honey
  • adzuki butter
  • butter, cream cheese, whipped cream, or other creamy thing, and an (adzuki bean paste)
  • cheese (melted or not, depends on the cheese)
  • fried egg on marmite and butter
  • fried egg on cheese
jun 8 2012 ∞
jun 8 2012 +
  • twig
  • vine
  • driftwood
  • root
  • adirondack
  • western
  • reclaimed
apr 13 2012 ∞
apr 13 2012 +

if i become a house-dweller, rather than an apartment-dweller, that is. i do want a lot of stability as i get older (still got some places to go at the moment, though)

  • earthship
  • cob house
  • tiny house
  • converted barn (if i'm not alone)
mar 28 2012 ∞
mar 28 2012 +
  • LIS news
  • the news at large
  • new music
  • bay area news
  • what is going on in nyc, in terms of going out and stuff
  • horse racing
  • rodeo (i think it could be fun to know the names of whoever's big)
  • fashion (just because it's such a big deal in nyc. it's good to know what's going on. in terms of following trends to the point of wearing them... nope.)
  • new movies
  • concerts
  • art shows at museums and galleries
  • maybe Giants baseball?
feb 23 2012 ∞
feb 23 2012 +

thing is, i hate traveling. it's stressful, it's a hassle. i am always so happy to be back home, wherever that may be. i have always said that i prefer moving and living in places rather than traveling. however, i do know that getting out and traveling is good for me. i don't necessarily feel the benefits of it while i'm doing it, but definitely am glad i've done it once i get back. i've been trying to gather ideas for how to get more excited about it. unfortunately, i'm not a photo-enthusiast (carrying around a camera is a pain and i don't have a camera phone; plus, photo class in high school may have scarred me for life), so i must think of other kinds of things to make into a "thing."

  • drinking vessels
  • art
  • jewelry (i have always tended to do this anyway)
feb 1 2012 ∞
jul 17 2020 +
  • rustic
  • inspiration: amelie, and a very long engagement
  • kitsch/whimsical/eclectic
  • beautiful objects
  • japanese fisherman's shack
  • norcal and pacific northwest coastal
  • rustic
  • just a hint of bordello
  • witchy
  • twigwork, driftwood
  • exotic/worldly, boho, gypsy, international details
  • addams family, gothic dark elements that delight me and scare normals
  • just a hint of steampunk/industrial chic
  • art nouveau
  • softness
  • cozy
  • warm,even sultry
  • there must always be humor
nov 15 2011 ∞
may 22 2013 +

i see nothing wrong with drinking, i do it every day. but it's bad if it starts to be a problem, and binge-drinking really shouldn't be a regular thing. i personally just don't enjoy getting totally hammered, and am happiest with just a drink or two. however, sometimes, i'm with people who think everyone should drink a lot and won't let me be (and get pissed at me even when i'm smashed because i don't show it til i barf). so i've cultivated habits to avoid the hangover when it's not worth it

  • club soda with lime - they'll usually assume it's a g/t
  • lots of water in between alcoholic drinks - they'll usually praise you for being responsible
  • the line "rough night the other night." "i'm broke" works well, too, depending on the crowd you're with
oct 8 2011 ∞
oct 8 2011 +

there's a lot of things i've never done that i'd like to try. this list is only such things, not things that i've never done that i don't want to do

  • drank cream soda
  • gotten a facial
  • been to ireland
  • or scotland, for that matter
  • been to a fortune-teller of any sort
sep 15 2011 ∞
may 26 2013 +

we all need outlets, no matter whether we love our hate our jobs (for the record, i love my profession and the nature of my work)

  • obsessive repetitive behavior, like stacking empty boxes into a tower
  • creation of sculptures from office supplies
  • mildly obsessive collection of odd artifacts one stumbles across, such as photocopied money and fancy paperclips
jul 28 2011 ∞
jul 28 2011 +

i would be interested in celebrating in these ways:

  • verrine party: everything is served in glasses. everything.
  • "tea" party - all beverages served in teacups, and it's obviously not just tea
  • robe party - because robes are way better than togas
jul 15 2011 ∞
jul 15 2011 +
  • inherent vice
  • juliette (by de Sade)
  • sthg from hard case crime
  • inside track (about horse racing, by Donna something)
  • something about grand central terminal with a lot of pictures (coffee table book, perhaps)
  • something about art nouveau
  • something about studio ghibli, preferably with a lot of art
  • cosmicomics by italo calvino
  • a million bears by spencer madsen
  • the simon's cat books (omg so cute just found out the guy's making books!)
  • the little white horse
  • little birds by nin
  • under the roofs of paris
  • venus in furs
  • story of o
  • the sleeping beauty novels
oct 5 2006 ∞
mar 15 2016 +

people sometimes tell me i'd make a good girlfriend. these are people who would never, themselves, date me. which is usually ok, b/c these are usually people i would never date, either.

  • "You'd make a good girlfriend/wife" (often get this after i make food/drinks for people, or even when i'm talking about what i made/will be making during the weekend)
  • "You are somebody's dream girl."
  • "There is someone out there for you. We just don't know where or who it is."
  • "If I brought a librarian home, my dad would shed tears of joy." (this is my favorite one so far)
mar 11 2011 ∞
mar 11 2011 +

these words evoke certain imagery and ideas in me that please me at the moment

  • unrefined
  • sophisticated
  • weird
  • raw
  • organic
  • ethereal
  • limpid
  • natural
  • instinctive
  • presence
  • aware
  • rustic
  • autonomous
  • bubble
  • alone
  • free
mar 6 2011 ∞
mar 6 2011 +

everyone has some kind of relationship with money. it's the best thing in the world and the worst thing in the world.

  • i pay attention to cheap/free stuff going on not because i'm a cheapskate or i love money (i don't), but because:
    • i find that often more expensive events are less fun for me (i'll take a small venue show over a massive festival pretty much any day)
    • everything i do is weighed against the fact that i could just chill out with a book, some music, fuzzy blankets, maybe my in-room "bar," a cup of tea... you get the picture
    • my friends are often broke, as i will be if i don't get a job asap after i'm done with my courses next month
    • while i can fit in with wealthy folk (i'm a chameleon), i generally tend to enjoy ...
mar 2 2011 ∞
mar 2 2011 +

there's a lot more that i like. must go back to term paper writing, though.

  • half-bound half-lotus
  • marichiyasana
  • 3-limbed forward bend
  • sometimes i really enjoy warrior I
  • wide-angle seated forward bend
  • thunderbolt
  • heat-generating sequence
  • warrior I variation where the arms are open 2 feet or so apart
  • camel
  • half lord of the fishes pose
  • revolved head of knee pose
  • variation of the above pose that sort of mashes it up with seated wide-angle forward bend
  • eye of the needle
  • wheel
  • corpse
  • child
nov 28 2010 ∞
mar 13 2011 +

i am not fond of owning furniture, at this point in my life, because i move a lot and shipping furniture is expensive. thus, i don't own much that i will take with me to my next geographic location. someday, i will start accumulating stuff, someday.

  • a sweet bed and bed frame, but that's permanently at my parents'
  • chevrolet shop stool
  • a rickety futon
  • a rickety bookshelf that i painted bright blue and spraypainted through lace with black paint
  • a coffeetable of sorts
  • another little table thing
sep 1 2010 ∞
may 26 2013 +

i really like curtains, and i have no idea why. here are the kinds i like

  • transparent white, with some kind of interesting design thrown into it
  • bright red, almost an orange-y red, thin material
  • burgundy, thin
  • velvet: bright or dark red, or bronze/burnt orange
  • leather
  • black netting (think of those sort of polka dot hat nets)
  • burlap
  • sort of exotic, tropical looking
  • dark brown
  • bronze to rust, preferably of a shiny material
aug 20 2010 ∞
jan 12 2011 +
  • quebecois politics - so fucking stupid, especially in the grand scheme of things. very petty, but they affect absolutely everyone living in the area, and they are shaped by it whether they know it or not. being surrounded by people who are shaped by this kind of bullshit kills me, not to mention having to deal with it directly in various, sometimes minute, aspects of life. i mean, maybe that is the best way to preserve a specific language. and there are a lot of people who are suited to live in that kind of milieu. i just am not. makes sense, because i am a true audio learner - words are just sounds to me, and i learn and understand a lot more through intonation and other nonverbal cues than from that actual words themselves. so to make a big stink about what language to use is plain out nonsensical to me, personally, and i can't abide by governance...
nov 15 2009 ∞
may 7 2012 +
  • bagels! especially those from st. viateur and r.e.a.l.
  • the friends i've made here (i'm such a douche. how did i not have this on the list earlier)
  • good places to buy tea
  • cafe myriade
  • the scenery in the fall, when the leaves turn
  • better bread can be found more easily here than in nyc (though not as good as norcal bread)
  • like other cities that aren't nyc, the free events draw a better kind of crowd, unlike dear old new york. this is because:
    • things are just cheaper, so the word free doesn't impress ppl as much
    • there are lots more free things, enough that it's common, expected, even, and doesn't draw frenzied, drooling masses who ac...
nov 15 2009 ∞
dec 8 2010 +

so, i always knew i'd quit smoking, and now that i definitely don't want to smoke, i'm gonna start the scary journey of stopping.

  • cancer: by all accounts, pretty miserable
  • i want to smell good (well, as good as i can, considering half the ppl i live w/ smoke inside)
  • i want more energy
  • i hate being addicted to something. i feel controlled
  • cigarettes and tobacco are expensive
  • apparently smoking has a negative effect on eyesight
  • waste of time--i figure i'd have at least an extra waking hour every day to do something better/more important than smoking
  • smoking will not improve anything--smoking after breaking my favorite glass, for e...
oct 31 2009 ∞
oct 31 2009 +

sometimes newspapers use different names, but you should be able to figure it out. the sections not in this list are not things i just don't care to read. i hate reading those ones (money, business...)

  • news (world, local, state, nation, and especially, "weird")
  • culture/entertainment/arts
  • lifestyle
  • travel
  • sports (except cricket. and curling. i'm not a sports nut, really, but sports articles are generally easy to read, unless they're about any sort of draft, and they're usually short, so i can read quickly and come away feeling at least somewhat aware w/ what's going on in the world)
  • environment
  • comment (hate it usually in magazines, but online newspapers can have interesting editorials)
jul 20 2009 ∞
jul 20 2009 +

now that i no longer live in student housing, i've been burning stuff in my room like some kind of closet pyro. there's been some good purchases in the field of nice-smelling stuff for burning, and so i guess i should take note of what these things are. or at least the brands i like (it's a shame how there are brands out there that are expensive but don't really give off much of a scent).

  • voluspa
  • paddywax
  • votivo
  • modern alchemy by d.l. & co.
  • archipelago
  • illuminations (r.i.p.)
  • ted shred's original surf wax candle
  • red lantern brand (incense)
  • wild berry (incense)
  • pacifica
  • fred stoll (incense)
jul 14 2008 ∞
jan 22 2011 +

These definitely aren't all on my "crushes" lists. i just like their movies & their roles

  • brendan gleeson
  • helen mirren
  • judi dench
  • asia argento
  • gwyneth paltrow
  • jack black
  • uma thurman
  • ellen page
  • johnny depp
  • nathan lane
  • anna tsuchiya
  • kyoko enami
  • kyoko fukuda
  • kiki kirin
  • stephen chow (oh shit, i've gotta add him to my crushes!)
  • bradd pitt
  • colin farrell
may 7 2008 ∞
may 9 2012 +

note: i make my own hot cocoa from milk, cocoa powder and sugar. no premade stuff for me.

  • malibu
  • kahlúa
  • vanilla extract
  • cointreau
dec 13 2007 ∞
apr 1 2008 +
  • relatives wonder why i'm "fat."
  • my feet are huge. i can't fit women's shoes in japan
  • ppl think some of my food choices are gross
  • creepy ppl want to be my friend/have sex w/ me just b/c i'm half asian
dec 1 2007 ∞
dec 1 2007 +
  • scant body hair
  • grew up eating japanese food
  • can make japanese food quite well
  • have a taste for healthy stuff like fish, tofu
  • has known the goodness that is pocky and other japanese junk foods since birth
  • spent elementary school having hello kitty stuff that was waaay cooler than what could be found in the U.S.
  • even though i suck at speaking it, i still have an advantage in japanese class b/c i can understand
  • had excuse to go to japan every year
  • avoided the big ugly beak that the other half of my family is predisposed to
  • can talk crap about nonjapanese relatives right in front of them
dec 1 2007 ∞
jun 10 2011 +
  • bqe wine and liquors (504 meeker ave., brooklyn)
  • landmark wines (w. 23rd st., nyc)
  • warehouse wines & spirits (broadway, nyc)
  • bevmo! (california)
  • oh yeah, and like everywhere in california - supermarkets, delis. i love my home state!
  • nicolas (paris, for wine)
  • japanese grocery stores (when i want sake or sthg)
  • astor wines (nyc)
  • waitrose (london)
aug 28 2007 ∞
may 24 2013 +

i'm not a big fan of cheese, but i know it's served frequently at various events, so i figure it's good to know what i like

  • queso fresco
  • dill havarti
  • muenster
  • mozz (both fresh and the other kind)
  • cheddar
  • jack
  • pepper jack
  • havarti
  • st. andre
  • fontina, sometimes
  • colby
  • red leicester
  • port salut (st. pauline (?) is a generic version of this)
  • gouda
  • that other one that comes in a red wax
  • swiss (sometimes)
nov 13 2007 ∞
may 24 2013 +
  • lamb of god
  • beck
  • loretta lynn
  • princess superstar
  • the 69 eyes
  • dr. dre
  • the ramones
  • be your own pet
  • shannon and the clams
  • broks & dunn
oct 7 2006 ∞
apr 18 2013 +

note 1: i only speak here of women's or coed wc's note 2: i don't hang out in bathrooms, but i drink a lot of water and a fair amount of beer, so i appreciate it when the facilities don't make me feel the need to boil myself in bactine afterwards

  • sakagura
  • 7th floor, 285 mercer st. (nyc)
  • cha an
  • cafe zazzle
  • chouquet's (fillmore st., sf)
  • o'neil's pub (bath)
  • las iguanas (bristol)
  • my apartment when i was in paris, esp. when it was clean (actually it sucked, but it was cool b/c for once i didn't have to share it since i got to live alone)
  • cafe beaubourg (paris)
  • rose's cafe (sf)
  • sanrio puroland (japan)
nov 6 2006 ∞
jan 15 2008 +
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  • RED
  • Django Unchained
  • Hitchcock: The Movie
  • A Cat in Paris
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
  • The Guard
  • The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia
  • RocknRolla
  • various Bond films
  • Alice in Wonderland, the Johnny Depp one
  • The Proposition
  • Sherlock Holmes (the Guy Ritchie one)
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Sukiyaki Western Django
  • Pineapple Express
  • Vice Guide to Travel
  • Heavy Metal in Baghdad
sep 25 2006 ∞
may 24 2013 +
  • My dad, giggling to himself

My mom: "What happened?" My dad: "I scared Meow" (that's our imaginatively named cat) My mom: "How come?!" My dad: "Just for fun, hehehe"

  • "You may be a woman of God, but you're not a very nice person" (Ali, to a nun)
  • "UGH! Charles Shaw! That means there's poor people here!" (Ali)
  • "Is that an omelette or a Shamwow?" (Brian)
  • Chelsea (while itching crotch): "Ew, stop scratching your asshole!"

Brian (still itching ass): "YOU'RE itching your cooter!"

  • "I'm only wearing slippers and a tampon." (Chelsea)
  • "I'm not drunk. I've been on amphetamines all day." (Stephen)
oct 10 2006 ∞
may 24 2013 +
  • book soup (hollywood)
  • green apple books (inner richmond, sf)
  • greenlight books (fort greene, brooklyn, nyc)
  • bookcourt (carroll gardens/cobble hill, brooklyn, nyc) (i don't love the set-up or selection of this place, but the people who work here are extra-nice, i think, and there are quite a few cute guys among the staff ;P)
  • paragraphe (montreal, rue mcgill college)
  • nicholas hoare (montreal, westmount)
  • multimags (Montreal, var. locations)
  • three lives & company (154 w. 10th st. nyc)
  • atlantic news (3rd ave nyc)
  • casa magazines (no books, but tons of magazines; 22 8th ave., nyc)
  • kinokuniya (nyc, sf, japan)
  • crockatt & powell (london, lower marsh)
oct 22 2006 ∞
nov 4 2015 +

they have been known to think i...

  • am hot for them
  • am stuck up
  • am really smart
  • am stupid
  • am a lesbian
  • am not enoying myself
  • hate them
  • am a gossip
  • can't keep secrets
  • am surly (well, maybe i am, sometimes, esp. at first)
dec 4 2006 ∞
dec 17 2006 +
  • et dieu...crea la femme
  • amelie (duh)
  • a very long engagement (very sexy at times, great imagery...)
  • les choristes (nice story, cute little french kids)
  • l'atalante (simple, cute, good for cat lovers?)
  • almost peaceful (sort of a happy movie)
oct 15 2006 ∞
may 22 2013 +
  • bat conservation international
  • the bat conservation trust
  • phoenix theater
  • aspca
  • other organizations that deal w/ troubled animals
  • srjc art dept., foreign language dept., environmental science dept., & whatever dept. comparitive mythology was in
  • various cancer and AIDS research societies/associations
  • organizations that deal w/ the environment & parks (i don't have the money so i don't have to look into it for specificity, do i now)
nov 9 2006 ∞
mar 25 2011 +
  • jean talon (montreal)
  • marché atwater (montreal; this is the one i actually go to, since it's in my neighborhood as opposed to across town)
  • santa rosa downtown (santa rosa)
  • union square (nyc)
  • marche raspail (paris, blvd raspail)
  • marche bastille (paris)
oct 29 2006 ∞
feb 25 2010 +

sometimes i change my mind after awhile, but these are the things fashion-wise that, even after a year, make me want to wrinkle my nose

  • harem pants. especially the ones where the crotch is sown down by the ankles.
  • lensless glasses. i don't know why, i feel that it is unfair to find them obnoxious, and maybe someday i can chill out and just laugh at them, but for a couple years now i still think they're just too obvious and trying too hard
  • hair that's slicked back, using the same amount of gel as there is hair
  • cowboy boots w/ capri pants
  • pleated skirts (unless you're going for some kind of schoolgirl look)
  • pleated pants
  • speedos (i don't care WHAT you look like)
  • those hideous cover-all things that i rem...
oct 23 2006 ∞
dec 4 2010 +