• "take your little dick and get the FUCK out!"
  • "YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!" (รก la lisa light in the lovemakers' Sick)
  • "I need to let go of dead weight."
  • "I guess I should have called you on the phone, to tell you it was over, I should have done it so long ago. Cuz I'm movin' on to something new!" (Movin' On, Hunx and his Punx)
  • these words i need to stay more: schtoop, maudlin
  • "i'll kill you. kill you 'til you die from it."
  • "nevermind. i don't want you to know knowledge." (overheard in new york)
  • "don't be nice to him. he is my nemesis." (the life acquatic)
  • all right/sure/ok, doll (whatever you say).
  • "fuck that noise"
  • "that means/there is fuck all..."
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