• writing // forced to write research papers for the rest of my life
  • music | rock & classical music, pretty open to any genre tho; currently studying theory alone rip
  • languages: linguistics!! reading abt philippine languages; currently learning japanese (stopped french and bahasa indo/malaysia)

random facts cos why not lolol

  • my only food preference is i like spicy food (i can eat sili on their own). i am not a picky eater by any means so i genuinely cannot relate to food talk like what tastes better etc. (i'm gonna pretend i do for the sake of conversation tho)
  • by that i also don't have strong art preferences lmfao. only specifics would probably be i look for timbres i like in music especially in voices and piano, and i generally like reading prose more than poetry (but i think song lyrics is the exception to this? idk huhu)
  • i don't really celebrate birthdays...i will try my best to greet ppl but it doesn't work out usually i'm sorry
  • i also have weird ass dreams about my fandoms/interests, i wish i didn't have them lmfao sorry if i tweet abt them

my main pet peeves are:

  • people who say they’re bored but do nothing about that boredom
  • people who have the resources to do something and have no real reason to not utilize them. edi sana binigay mo na lang sa mas nangangailangan diba
  • those who have food leftovers for no good reason

i am particularly sensitive towards these topics: (i can talk about them but it's hard)

  • financial issues and luxury
  • loss of an immediate family member
  • socioeconomic divide
  • social isolation and/or severe loneliness
  • depression lmfaooooo

games i like to watch (some of these i would love to play someday if i could afford)

  • minecraft
  • among us and other deception games
  • chess
  • valorant
  • puzzle games !!
  • many more ofc
  • fuck why can't i remember
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