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  • tonari no kaibutsu-kun

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  • death note by tsugumi ohba all-in-one edition
  • death note by tsugumi ohba black edition (any volume)
  • death note短編集 (death note short stories) by tsugumi ohba, takeshi obata
  • death note, vol. 13: how to read by tsugumi ohba
  • no longer human by junji ito
  • tomie by junji ito complete deluxe edition

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  • attack on titan by hajime isayama
    • attack on titan, vol. 1
      • "to you, 2,000 years from now" (二千年後の君へ, ni sen nen go no kimi e)
      • "that day" (その日, sono hi)
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min yoongi's messages (not so novel but delivered with kindhearted conviction) that i carry in my heart like prayers

  • 사람 (people):
    • a gentle breeze / people that brush past / people that soaks into heart / what kind of person am i? / am i a good person? / or a bad person? / many ways to judge / (i am) just a person
    • everyone would live on / everyone would love / everyone would fade away / and be forgotten / people change, just like i have changed / there is nothing that lasts forever in this world / everything is just a happening that passes by
    • so what? / what if you just brush by? / so what? / what if you get hurt? / sometimes you might get hurt again / sometimes you might shed tears upset / so what? / what if you live like that?
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