• don't hurt yourself - anger: if it's what you want, i can wear her skin over mine. her hair over mine. her hands as gloves. her teeth as confetti. her scalp, a cap. her sternum, my bedazzled cane. we can pose for a photograph! all three of us. immortalized. you, and your perfect girl. i don't know when love became elusive. what i know is: no one i know has it. my father's arms around my mother's neck, fruit too ripe to eat it. i think of lovers as trees, growing to and from one another. searching for the same light. why can't you see me? (why can't you see me?). everyone else can.
  • sorry - apathy: what are you going to say, now that you've killed me? here lies the body of the love of my life, whose heart i broke without a gun to my head. here lies the mother of my children, both living and dead. rest in peace, my true love, who i took for granted. most bomb p*ssy, who because of me, sleep evaded. her god was listening. her heaven will be a love without betrayal. ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks
  • daddy lessons - accountability: you find the black tube inside the beauty case where she keeps your father's old prison letters. you desperately want to look like her. you look nothing like your mother. you look everything like your mother. film star beauty. how to wear your mother's lipstick. you go to the bathroom to apply your mother's lipstick. somewhere no one can see you. you must wear it like she wears disappointment in her face. your mother is a woman, and women like her cannot be contained. // mother dearest, let me inherit the earth. teach me how to make him beg. let me make up for the years he made you wait. did he bend your reflection? did he make you forget your own name? did he convince you he was a god? did he make you get on your knees daily? do his eyes close like doors? are you a slave to the back of his head? am i talking about your husband or your father?
  • sandcastles - forgiveness: baptize me... now that reconciliation is possible. if we're gonna heal, let it be glorious. one thousand girls raise their arms. do you remember being born? are you thankful for the hips that cracked? the deep velvet of your mother, and her mother, and her mother. there is a curse that will be broken.
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