• im into txt, svt, and enhypen
  • ⭐ a trash of girlgroups ⭐
  • i love reading any genre of books especially fantasy, mistery, self-help, poetry, et cetera. lately, im in a reading-slump phase but we can still exchange the book title later!
  • IM DOWNNNN FOR ANY GENRE OF MUSIC! but to be precise, i like kpop, pop, rnb, hiphop, and classical
  • i love watching korean drama and series from local or other countries. my favorites so far: twenty five twenty one, my name, our beloved summer, reply 1988
  • this is hilarious but I LOVE SPONGEBOB
  • i already mentioned earlier that im a huge fan of txt and svt but in the other hand, im a casual listener of day6, bruno mars, taylor swift, charlie puth, one ok rock, the weeknd, and yerin baek.

kindly tell me if we share similarity of ...

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jul 4 2022 +
  • TXT - Way Home
  • Seventeen - Don Quixote
  • Nayeon, Wonstein - Love Countdown
  • Red Velvet - Day 1
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hi!! it's nice to meet you guys here. and.. without any further ado, let me guide you about the person behind this account in order to know her better <3

    • livy or liv as pseudonym (as simple as that!)
    • i go by she/her pronouns or any feminine terms
    • is legal
    • an INFJ-Turbulent
    • sagi sun, scorpio moon and cancer rising
    • a college student!

about this account, i don't really put any specific types of account so i might address it as unlabeled or some kind of cyber? you name it.

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jun 23 2022 +
  • i type with lowercase
  • i could just randomly reply to your tweets thats just passed by timeline
  • i throw rants at any moment
  • i do rt stuffs but not that heavy
  • since im a writer, i might talk a lot about rp-ing purposes on any occasion
  • i tweeted both in english or bahasa indonesia on a daily basis
  • i might tweet & rt-ing any tweets related to my favorites

side notes:

  • if you do have any tweets or rt-ing related to blood/gore/major body horror (which you probably will) please be considerate and put trigger warnings
  • i accept any kind of friendship offerings and my dms always open.
  • if you happen to broke the mutual, please...
jun 23 2022 ∞
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