"♦" is labeled as characters that i'm romantically attracted to

star butterfly (star vs the forces of evil)
marco diaz (star vs the forces of evil)
janna (star vs the forces of evil)
♦noel (prep and landing naughty vs nice)♦
♦vladimir (anastasia)♦
♦nick wilde (zootopia)
♦branch (trolls)♦
lanny and wayne (prep and landing)
lock, shock, and barrel (the nightmare before christmas)
anya/anastasia (anastasia)
anna (frozen)
miguel (coco)
pepita (coco)
rapunzel (tangled)
zozi (bartok the magnificent)
beau (animal crossing)
leia organa (star wars)
tiger (an american tail)
benjamin clawhauser (zootopia)
yondu udonta (guardians of the galaxy)
buster moon (illumination sing)
eddie noodleman (illumination sing)
rosie (animal crossing)
clive (despicable me 3)
queen novo (mlp movie 2017)
princess skystar (mlp movie 2017)
bartok (anastasia/bartok the magnificent)
ludo (star vs the forces of evil)
♦maui (moana)♦
lego robin (the lego batman movie)
pearl (steven universe)
ronaldo fryman (steven universe)
lars (steven universe)
jack skellington (the nightmare before christmas)
luna (sailor moon)
guzma (pokemon sun and moon)

mar 3 2017 ∞
apr 6 2018 +