I'm known by three names; those are Serene Allura, Geneviève Merveille, and Avery Nicole.


  • ENG Based: Sunnghuon, Ningiezuo, Ningiebelle, jesuisrina.
  • INA Based: yjimiun, KAMRlNA, Yuijimn, Yunimij, Yuimjin, yozkarina.
  • I was once Mark Lee's writer, kindly ask me privately in DMs for the username.
  • I've only ever played in Open Agencies.


Unequalled, Waveuphoria, forestchilds, surreptously, vevoIution, ThePrompTeens, 1989InFolklore, Atlasknot, Sympathetic, crayism, deesoteric, demeiraki, deselcouth, erfolgsquate, heselucht, lalesmaison, metanoials, oskadot, thesocietier.


ThePrettyClub, MyFaeryTales, FogaeruGirls, ofKarinas, AespearI, aesthereal, 23sPHILE, DREAMSOIRE, clubofchasers, eutereal, fairymond, themarveolus, theneueratic, WeTheNYC, YouthPlaylists.

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