• Hercules (boy from preschool, i can't remember his name but we would play pretend that he was hercules and i was megra)
  • Samantha Hernandez (kindergarden-3rd grade:we lived in the same condo complex)
  • Michelle Duraj (1st-2nd grade: class and camp together)
  • Chloe Larson (3rd grade-9th grade: softball and class together)
  • Patrick Brown (3rd-4th grade: class together)
  • Nicolette Mirrizzi (4th-5th grade: class together)
  • Kat Sherlock (5th-6th grade: class together)
  • Samantha Reagan (6th-8th grade: class together)
  • Kristina Cox (6th-8th grade: class together)
  • Melissa Lattari (9th-11th grade: mutual friends)
  • Kayla Toneman (10th-12th grade: p.e. together)
  • Amanda Rompal (friends since we were 8, but weren't best friends until 10th grade and still are best friends)
  • Natasha Meere (freshman year of college)
  • Jill Miranda (freshman year of college)
  • Katy Welsh<3
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