• Brett's Car Accident: My brother had a really bad car accident on Halloween 2007, where the entire front of the car was smashed in and a metal spike off the end of a construction truck came through the front window and pierced through the passenger seat. I was supposed to be sitting there because i would drive with my brother to school everyday, but because it was halloween i was staying at a friends house to get dressed up together before classes.
  • Sledding: i went sledding for the first time when i was really young, maybe four or five. i didn't know how to make the sled stop and i was heading for the edge of a cliff up at Frazier Park. My brother ran and grabbed on to the end of my sled and stopped it just in time.
  • Superman Roller Coaster: I was on Superman at Six Flags and i always leave my lap bar up so i can float out of the seat a little bit when it gets to the top. One of the times i floated up too high and i wasn't able to reach the bar to pull myself back into the cart. I was out of the ride up to my knees when the cart started to go back down, leaving me suspended in the air, but luckily my friend grabbed my leg and pulled me back inside before it was too late.
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