• Any Dislocation: these all have to do with something i was born with (i can't remember what the doctor called it), but my muscles/ligaments are too flexible to hold my joints in place, so if i make any movements that overextend, my muscles just continue when they are actually supposed to stop and hold me together in one piece.
  • Dislocated elbow: Jab-Punch in tae kwon do (my arm just kept going with the punch...)
  • Dislocated shoulder: Back-handspring in gymnastics (the pressure popped it out)
  • Fractured leg: Amanda wanted me to dance around the campfire with her, but i felt like sitting on the benches. She insisted i go by grabbing my arm, pulling me forward with all her strength and consequently slamming my leg into the bench in front of me. I didn't want to leave camp to go to the ER so i limped around for the rest of the week.
  • Knee: Developed Oscar Slaughter disease when i was younger (don't know if that's the correct spelling), but basically my thigh muscle developed too quickly in comparison to bone growth (most likely from soccer), which causes tension and achey-ness.
  • Momentary paralysis (im not sure if this is a real term, but it happened and i was terrified!): On a swing set with three seats per section. I was on the middle swing holding hands with the two people swinging besides me. When we were at peak height i lost my balance and fell off backwards hitting my head. I couldn't walk and they had to bring me to the office in a wheelchair until i was feeling better.
  • Multiple sprained ankles: Soccer/Basketball
  • (Possibly) Fractured foot: Stuck my foot between the metal frame of my bed and the metal dresser underneath it (about an inch of space). I then pushed myself up onto the bed, fell forward accidentally, my foot got stuck and bent in a way it is not supposed to go...
  • Split-lip/knocked out tooth: Sitting on the metal bars at school and i was doing a trick where i flip around backwards and come back up onto the bar. A girl was sitting on an adjacent bar swinging her legs and when i was coming back around (spinning fast enough that i don't fall off) the girl kicked me in the face, knocking out my tooth and splitting my lip open right down the middle.
  • Sprained wrist: Soccer/Basketball
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