Just in case some ppl out there want to know what FNAF fangames I like. Also some of these are demos at the moment.

Just a heads up, some of these are probably games that don't look good or aren't good plot-wise that I unironically like so if you don't like them, that's fine.

Also, I haven't played ANY of these games. I've usually watched YouTubers like Dawko, IULITM, or ¡Jugar Para Ganar! play these and look up walkthrough/full gameplay videos of these games. The only one I've actually played is Clearing Your Name on Itch.io but I didn't get far.

Since all of these games are based on FNAF, they all have mentions of child death and murder. If you're uncomfortable with that then I don't recommend you indulge in FNAF related media at all if you happen to be extremely uncomfortable with it.

  • Those Nights at Rachel's (I've had a hyperfixation for this game since it came out, for those of you who didn't see my cringeworthy shenanigans on Wattpad back in 2016 when I was 10, and idk why tbh. I like how the second game sort of expands on the vague lore a bit, despite being a shitpost game for April Fools 2018)
  • Five Nights at Candy's (I was interested in this before the game came out since the models of Cindy and Candy were going around the internet. I was one of those people that thought the models were canon to FNAF and not just someone's fancharacters. It got to the point where I made my own "predictions" for future FNAF games where Cindy was the antagonist and was grouped up with a bunch of fancharacters. My FNAF 5 "prediction" was just next-gen FNAF 1 and FNAF 6 was just next-gen FNAF 2 with Cindy being replaced by an OC I made named Trixie. Cindy ended up being one of my first favorite FNAF fangame characters and idk why tbh even though it was probably because her design interested me. Either way this is one of my favorite FNAF fangames, despite TNAR being my main hyperfixation, and I think it's really neat! Also when the game first came out, for some reason I thought it was on Steam bc I had no idea GameJolt existed. 9 yr old me had shit for brains smh)
  • Eddie and the Misfits (I like the aesthetic of the game, since it's main inspiration was from the Rock-afire Explosion as seen with Eddie, and I think the ending cutscene for the game is very well made!)
  • DEVIOUS MINDS (Legacy Edition) (I was very confused at first onto why there were 3 GameJolt pages for this game until I realized that this version of the game was being remade. I know that the lore and character designs are going to be overhauled, but I'm quite fond of this game. I think the VHS sequences are really spooky since they're probably most likely inspired by the FNAF VHS series)
  • Weekday's at Wilburs (Ngl I like the racing minigames you get to play in between nights in the second game and the soundtrack slaps)
  • Bubba's Diner
  • A Weekend at Daisy's
  • Five Nights at Polar's (I kind of like how the models in the first game look really smooth)
  • Obsolete: After the Accident
  • JOLLY and Jollibee's (My favorite games from the series would probably have to be JOLLY 3 Chapter 1 and 2)
  • One Night at Flumpty's
  • Porkchop's Adventure
  • Five Nights at Maggie's
  • Five Nights at Sonic's
  • Five Nights at Dolma's (The title screen ost's for these games are bops)
  • Five Nights at Katy's (I know that this is one of Sagri/creator of Dolma's older games but I sort of like it tbh,,)
  • Five Nights at Ace's (Same thing with Katy's, I'm aware that this is an old fangame by the creator of Dolma's)
  • The Nightshift: Iggy's Funhouse Remastered, Peace Keeper (ngl I think some of the models in this game look unnerving tbh)
  • One Week at Chip's
  • Five Nights at Berry's (The game feels surreal, and I kind of like that tbh) (also I'm now just aware that there are multiple games titled Five Nights at Berry's. I'm talking about the version made by Musanix and Willfaz but sadly I can't seem to find it on GameJolt so I guess it got deleted? Even though half of the games on this list are no longer on GameJolt so I can't say much..)
  • Popgoes, Popgoes Arcade 1 & 2, Popgoes Memories, and Popgoes Arcade 2020
  • LaterGator (I know this game's a demo atm and the creator said that there are going to be a lot of changes to it, but I like the whole urban legend thing going on with it in the style of The Midnight Man Creepypasta)
  • The Six Legged Sillies (I like how we're getting a FNAF fangame with bugs in it, despite it being a demo atm)
  • The New Nightshift (I like the whole 2015 old FNAF fangame style this game has. Although I do like getting to know lore in FNAF fangames, I actually like the vagueness of it in this game)
  • Circus Baby's Diner (I like Ennard's design for this game a lot,,,)
  • Sinister Turmoil: Sewers
  • Project Terminus (funky little alien dudes,,)
  • Baby's Nightmare Circus
  • The Joy of Creation: Reborn, Story Mode, and Halloween Edition
  • Five Nights at Nutty's
  • Nightmare at Charles
  • A Shadow Over Freddy's (I'd have to say that this is probably one of the scariest and unnerving FNAF fangame out there. Like the game is silent throughout the entire time so that's why the jumpscares are so effective since there really isn't any background noise to reassure you while they pop up in your face out of nowhere. I do like this game's version of William's backstory because it kind of explains why he does the things he does. I like the monochromatic visuals to the game as well since the atmosphere is mostly dark) (Also trigger warning for animal death)
  • Dormitabis (trigger warning for gore and themes/mentions of r*pe)
  • Five Nights with 39 (trigger warning for the r-slur and a masturbation scene on Night 6, although that said scene isn't really graphic since it's played off as a joke) (I am aware that this game is kind of edgy with its humor, judging by the trigger warning I put for people who want to check it out, but I think it's sort of intriguing)
  • It's Cold Out Tonight (I know most people dislike this game bc of that one FNIA inspired jumpscare with Swimmen, and I happen to dislike FNIA, and due to the fact that the game is flawed quite a lot since I've seen the models being critiqued. Even though it's an old fangame made by someone who was most likely young at the time, I still think the game is alright minus the sexual innuendos with Swimmen's poster and her jumpscare)
  • Five Nights at Chuck's (I do like the fact that the 3rd game has a music box version of Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby as the ost for the minigames that are in between the nights. I'd rather not talk about the "secret image" I found while scrolling on the wiki because lets just say it fills me with discomfort...)
  • The Sea Shift at Austin's (I'm not too fond of the whole "the man behind the slaughter also killed John F. Kennedy!!" plot although I do understand that this is an old fangame and the creator has since hidden the games on GameJolt bc they weren't proud of it. I do like the models though! Everything about the game is fine but it was only that part of the lore that threw me off a bit. I do think the creator has improved a lot judging by the ELLIE'S game they're working on atm as well as the redesigns of two characters from this game that are on the ELLIE'S GameJolt page)
  • The Return To Freddy's (I have a bit of a love-hate thing going on with this series bc I'm not a fan of the lore but I do think that some of the designs are neat. I wanted to distance myself from this game for a while because of the drama surrounding it and people shit-talking the creator for being toxic but eventually I got curious about it and decided to snoop through the fandom wiki)
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