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Hi! I'm a freelance illustrator from the UK! I like horror movies, period costumes, video games, and girls in armour. For business and collaboration enquiries, please contact me on my email:

  • Q: Will you do a re-run of [item from my shop]
  • A: Possibly! If it's original content that sold well I am likely to repeat it. Zines/buttons etc are things I will most likely replenish, but acrylic charms/pins that are expensive to produce are most likely not to be restocked.
  • Q: My order hasn't come yet, what now? Can I track my order?
  • A: If you are ordering from a country outside of the EU, PLEASE allow between 3-4 weeks for your order to arrive before getting in touch, just in case! I am shipping from the UK and mail times can vary but usually take between 1-2 weeks to arrive depending. Please allow the additional time. Unfortunately I don't do tracked delivery, so I can't trace your order for you.
  • Q: I can't put my charms on _ because the charm itself won't fit throu...
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  • Sunnycon (Newcastle) 2017
  • Thought Bubble (Leeds) 2017
  • Nowt Special (Newcastle) 2017
  • Sunnycon (Newcastle) 2018
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  • Birthday: May 4th
  • Location: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England.
  • Likes: Animals (bears), nature, horror, video games, art, swords & weapons, lingerie, flowers, baking, movies.
  • Dislikes: Angry people, planes, tarantulas, butterflies, animals wearing trench coats.
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  • Q: What tablet/software do you use?
  • A: I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Photoshop CC. I find the Cintiq really helpful for my visual impairment, as the separation between screen/board with other tablets is difficult for me to work with. I am definitely of the school of thought that an expensive tool is not necessarily the best one, so please never think you need to splash a bunch of money on something expensive just because an artist in Imagine FX uses one!
  • Q: Will you do a colouring tutorial/speedpaint?
  • A: Not likely! I will maybe do a process video of inking one day, but as I'm forever learning and trying new things, I'd be uncomfortable making any tutorials etc!
  • Q: What do you use for your traditional work?
  • A: I use Windsor & Newton ink or Indian i...
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  • I DO NOT DO PRIVATE COMMISSIONS AT THIS TIME: Meaning, portraits/gifts for friends, fanart drawings, etc.
  • I am open and am looking for work around: tattoo flash sheets + design work (although I do not tattoo myself!), band/gig posters, t-shirt designs, etc!
  • I also love collaborative work to do with zines/anthologies/etc!
  • You are welcome to contact me at my e-mail for more info!
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  • Q: Can I get a tattoo of your work?
  • A: As a rule YES it is totally cool to get something done and I’d love to see any finished results! However, if the work you are considering getting tattooed is COMMISSION WORK I’d please ask you to email me at It’s really important I consult with the person who commissioned me before giving you a yes/no answer. I hope you understand!
  • Q: Can I use your art for my tumblr sidebar/banner/8tracks mix etc?
  • A: A: Yep! Absolutely no need to ask, as long as credit is linked back to me! Please do not re-upload any of my work as a stand alone post, though- or for anything used for profit.
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