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Hi! I'm a freelance illustrator from the UK! I like horror movies, period costumes, video games, and girls in armour. For business and collaboration enquiries, please contact me on my email:

Momalish follows:
  • Q: What tablet/software do you use?
  • A: I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Photoshop CC. I find the Cintiq really helpful for my visual impairment, as the separation between screen/board with other tablets is difficult for me to work with. I am definitely of the school of thought that an expensive tool is not necessarily the best one, so please never think you need to splash a bunch of money on something expensive just because an artist in Imagine FX uses one!
  • Q: Will you do a colouring tutorial/speedpaint?
  • A: Not likely! I will maybe do a process video of inking one day, but as I'm forever learning and trying new things, I'd be uncomfortable making any tutorials etc!
  • Q: What do you use for your traditional work?
  • A: I use Windsor & Newton ink or Indian ink mixed with the tiniest bit of washing up liquid, and aqua brushes along with regular ones w brush tips and pigment liners.
  • Q: What school did you go to/where did you study?
  • A: A: I have an FdA In Animation & Illustration (2yrs) and a BA in Creative Enterprises (1yr) at Newcastle College!
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