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Hi! I'm a freelance illustrator from the UK! I like horror movies, period costumes, video games, and girls in armour. For business and collaboration enquiries, please contact me on my email:

Momalish follows:
  • Q: Will you do a re-run of [item from my shop]
  • A: Possibly! If it's original content that sold well I am likely to repeat it. Zines/buttons etc are things I will most likely replenish, but acrylic charms/pins that are expensive to produce are most likely not to be restocked.
  • Q: My order hasn't come yet, what now? Can I track my order?
  • A: If you are ordering from a country outside of the EU, PLEASE allow between 3-4 weeks for your order to arrive before getting in touch, just in case! I am shipping from the UK and mail times can vary but usually take between 1-2 weeks to arrive depending. Please allow the additional time. Unfortunately I don't do tracked delivery, so I can't trace your order for you.
  • Q: I can't put my charms on _ because the charm itself won't fit through the loop
  • A: My charms are all detachable from the loop itself, so if you're having trouble attaching them to something you can simply unattach it from the loop, tie it around whatever you want to fasten it to, and re-attach the charm to the secured loop :)
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