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nov 4 2013 ∞
apr 1 2018 +
user picture spring: hi! I have a question. :) How do you add stuffs like that triangle in this list? I tried but it didn't work. I hope you can give me an idea how to do that. Thank you! :D oct 2 2015
user picture 아미: Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I copy the triangles and other special characters from here: You're welcome! oct 13 2015
user picture spring: thank you again! :D oct 15 2015
user picture jessie j: wow, it's so rare to find anyone that doesn't speak portuguese as mother tongue yet have some understanding of it ^^ jun 14 2017
user picture 아미: Hi! You think so? I guess it's because my mother tongue is Spanish and I find it easy to understand Portuguese ^^ jun 18 2017