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If you think this is too long, don't read it and don't follow me :)

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Discord: ask me if you want to talk with me or if we are mutuals!


  • Don't follow me if you are a hardcore Kpop stan, specially from big groups like: B*angt*n (seriously don't follow me if you are an ARM*, y'all are problematic af), E*O, B*GB*NG, etc. Just don't follow me or talk to me if you are a die heard stan and a delusional fan.
  • RT heavy in Spanish and English, mostly feminist issues, politics, problems of my country, memes, cats, artwork and anime. I also RT photos of my favorite idols.
  • I talk a lot about manhwa/manga and anime (not spoiler free).
  • I ocasionally rant and express my opinion about things that bother me (mostly politics of my country).
  • I don't usually talk about Kpop because I can't keep up to date about every group that I stan so I got tired of it (also, after KJH and Minwoo passed away, I can't enjoy Kpop like I did before), if I talk about it, it could probably be something that I find amazing, problematic or heartbreaking.
  • Also, I'm not a fujoshi! I don't have favorite OTPs and I don't ship any couple, I support them and love them, that's all. I love manga/manhwa of any kinds. it doesn't matter if it's BL or GL.
  • I often change my acc. between public and private. Feel free to request for a follow if private or if we have the similar interests!
  • If you or your fandom approves this or your content includes this kind of things, don't expect me to follow you. I'll probably end up talking about how problematic you are (don't @ me, lol).
  • If I say something you consider problematic/wrong, do EDUCATE me. The only time I said something like that was because I thought I was calling out a Kpop idol for being racist (but I was wrong), people insulted me, told me to kill myself, called me an ugly and problematic bitch, told me to deactivate my account and also to check my mental health (I'm not kidding, all the tweets were in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and Italian) GUESS WHAT? I won't deactivate and I won't accept death threats when you could be telling me that what I just did was wrong. Simply as that. I didn't apologise nor I replied any of the mentions because I panicked and it gave me a lot of anxiety to see all the threats, it was pretty much of a reach to tell me to kill myself.

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