18 (DEC 04), ce/they/he, genderflux lesbian, south asian (EN/UR OK!)

I LIKE! girls, reading, writing, bad humor, podcasts!

I DISLIKE! fanwars, loud noises, heights, math, AEGYO

other stuff: sagittarius sun+moon, aries rising, enfj/enfp-t. 9w1, hufflepuff, neutral good

instagram side ig pronouny ao3 cc spotify


i tend to be spammy and rt a lot, i hate feminine terms being used for me, i use nicknames a lot, lmk if this makes you uncomfy, i reclaim dyke and occasionally paki, i interact on the tl a lot


sexual abuse/harassment, suicide, self harm, homo, lesbo or enbyphobia, heights

nov 8 2020 ∞
dec 25 2020 +