(i only read twice and a little bit of itzy fics because i don't like reading mlm, as a bi girl i don't think i should go and read boy love)

  • "per aspera ad astra" by ultmyouimina: namo, 3.5k words, + extra chapter; very emotional and poetic and ~deep~ angsty af
  • "come morning light" by long_live: minayeon, 11.1k words, AU - harry potter universe, angst and fluff
  • "shining, you're my style" by albeitslowly: minayeon, 6.4k, tooth rotting fluff
  • "waves of memories" by nayeowu (ON AFF): minayeon, 8k words, detective AU, fluff, angst and smut iirc
  • the "green window" series by sauveznous: not ship focused, sana protagonist, detective AU, read in the order: "green window", "house parties at dawn", "in the end of the wave", "paper cuts". gets creepy and a little gorey, smut, angst and some fluff if you really squint
  • "you belong with me" by rohpsohpic: misana, 10.5k words, a covid-19 social distancing girl-next-door love story
  • "omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori" by NabongsBunny: minayeon, 6k words, nayeon's responsible and reckless at the same time, mina's just unsure, university AU
  • "some things never change (let them look)" by shinryujin: ryeji, 1.1k words, home decor shopping fluff onseshot
  • "let me sleep" by jinramyeon: ryeji, 2.2k words, fluff, ryujin let yeji sleep pls
  • "every time we shine" by aprilflower (demonglass): ryeji, 12.1k words, non-idol AU, fluff, fellas is it gay to look at ur homie like she hung the stars in the sky
  • "it's not a bad thing" by 24914: ryeji, 1.2k words, tooth rotting fluff
  • "glow (brighter in the darkness)" by shinyeons: ryeji, 3.3k words, pining, canon compliant

that's all for now folks

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