☆ I am a transmedicalist and I believe in the scientific fact that you need gender dysphoria to be trans, I don't want to ever label someone as a "tucute" because they may in fact have gender dysphoria but are misguided and misinformed. As anyone part of the LGBT community when someone asks about anything always do your part to give helpful information and educate people instead of shunning and labelling them!

☆ Neopronouns are toxic and hurtful to the community making other trans people look like fools who use emoji's for pronouns. Imagine if you were to try for a job and asked your boss to use your emoji pronouns, you would make yourself a fool and your community one too.

☆ Please do NOT interact if you are a TERF, MAP/NOMAP or DDLG

☆ Asexuals; you are all wonderful valid people but please, you aren't LGBT nor oppressed, your preference or lack of sexual attraction isn't being transgender or attracted to the same sex, therefore not inherently LGBT. Also please stop trying to erase Lesbians (only referring to any asexual people who think this is okay)

☆ Identifying as a he/him Lesbian isn't okay, this is just being straight and if you are a NBLW you can identify with Gynesexual which is the attraction to solely women, Lesbians and Heterosexual men can also use this term!

☆ If you would like to talk about any of this information please message me on any of my provided media! Please do not come forth and harass me though or I will block you, so please approach in a calm manner and I will do the same!

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