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  • ⿻ CCS Clear Card
      • God knows I love CCS, but can it end already? or give us.... you know, something important? I dislike that akiho girl so much~ jfc. I love love love the characters but sometimes they act tooooooo childlike and syao and saku don't have that mature look they had at the end of the first manga series.
  • ⿻ Chi no wadachi
      • The story is GREAT even if at some point got dragged too much (or idk if it is bc the chapters are so short that it gives that sensation), but is seriously crazy. I wonder what's going to happen know (ch. 114). I hope the mc happiness
  • ⿻ Devil wants to hug
      • First season was good and I like the cute tone of the series. Now in s2 idk but the Cang Yan/Ye Li story is boring already. Just let them be together and happy. I would enjoy the story a lot more more more if it was centered around Fang Xiao/Jiu Chen and the heavenly law & his brother. I'm only reading the story bc of them TT
  • ⿻ Doku Mushi
      • I just keep reading so I can look at how everyone dies
  • ⿻ Emperor and the female night
      • A favorite of mine. First and second seasons were good, third not so much (the story events seems so rushed...). But thb I like how much softer the manhwa is in comparison to the novel (no rape, no sexual harassment, no mention about how ugly the mc is in every single line or how fucking perfect and beyond of this world the emperor is, and others).
  • ⿻ How to fight ❤ #fav
      • THIS MAY BE MY FAVORITE MANHWA SERIES OVERALL. The series are a cliche haha and even more after sejeong's death, but I find the overall plot and characters so enjoyable, and the "users comments" style through the story make me laugh like crazy. ;A; I hate jinho so much, i need to see how they take him down. I wonder if the story will end with the fight against jinho... o.o
  • ⿻ Ingoshima
      • Yep. I'm reading this almost-trash series in japanese... and tbh at first the plot was shit, but now it looks promising. Is a shame that no one is updating in english, I fear that I'm missing some things TT

※ on hold ※

  • ⿻ Kimi ni Aisarete Itakatta SO NO ONE IS GOING TO UPDATE THIS IN ENGLISH? ok then :(
  • ⿻ Mieruko-chan story is good but updates are too slow
  • ⿻ My hero academia idk what's going on and i'm scared about what i'm going to find, the last thing i saw was de todoroki fam drama and that's it

※ dropped ※

  • ☒ Beastars ✰✰✰✰ idk what happened i just forgot about it
  • ☒ Dead Tube ✰✰ no updates of this trash makes me sad
  • ☒ Freak Island ✰½ what the fucking fuck
  • ☒ I Fell Into a Reverse Harem Game! ✰✰ I liked the energy but I got bored :)
  • ☒ Men of the Harem ✰✰ I got bored bye
  • ☒ The ex ✰✰✰✰ THERE'S NO UPDATES :((
  • ☒ The remarried empress ✰✰✰ good but i got tired idk why

✓ completed ✓

  • ☑ Beastars ✰✰✰✰ ok, the ending is so... random but.... real in some sense? AND MY BOY LOUIS FIGHTING FOR HIS MARRIAGE AT THE END? omg I'm glad that he's trying, I liked the girl he was engaged to (sorry juno, i never liked you). The story was good but I just feel that the author stopped trying at some point...
  • ☑ I sold my life for 10000 yen per year ✰✰½
  • ☑ Pigpen ✰✰✰✰
  • ☑ Rotten ✰✰✰✰
  • ☑ Soloist of the prison ✰✰✰
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