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  • download yt video: add ss to the url between www. & yt
  • if you closed a word file without saving search .asd in file explorer under my/this pc
  • highlight a section and hit shitf+f3 to make it all caps or lowercase (word)
  • when you copy something use ctrl+shift+v to paste it; this will prevent the text from formatting
  • make and essay longer by hitting ctrl+f, searching . and changing the font size of the periods from 12 to 14 (they look exactly the same but will make the paper longer)
  • save ppt file as .ppsx and it will open directly to the slideshow
  • alt and click on any google image to save it automatically
  • if the wifi costs money add ?.jpg at the end of any url
  • ctrl+l to highlight the url bar
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