• every so often, this happens: the feeling of having to keep a physical journal sits in my soul, the need for filling real pages with word after word consumes my thoughts
  • i can close my eyes and imagine myself on a train, moving from city to city in europe; it's as if i'm searching for something, but it's something unknown that i want to fill some inner emptiness
  • i am bringing strands of fairy lights with me to put up in my dorm room--i can pretend that they are actual creatures hovering in place above me in an otherwise darkness
  • it's all sorts of delusional, but i'm the kind of girl that cries for characters in books; i can feel for their situations more acutely than i let myself feel my own sometimes.
  • this book is making me cry and cry and cry. part of me is tired of burning eyes, but another part of me needs this--this pain and ache and understanding for something larger than myself.
  • i listened to ludovico einaudi's primavera repeatedly today. i danced around my living room, which was both very silly and very emotionally strenuous. it is music that i wish could be the soundtrack of my life or something just as ridiculous.
  • i pranced around a park in a red, floral dress today and with a group of friends. we played imaginiff and, apparently, i am grumpy the dwarf and i am baking soda, haha
  • i have above-the-elbow gloves to pair with a prom dress: satin flushed with sangria and of a ball gown-silhouette
  • i feel so nervous about graduating
  • i submitted the deposit fee to my college today, ahhh
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