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This counts as well on every single account I have. Please keep all of this in mind when interacting with me.


Be transphobic/homophobic/etc

Invalidate me or others

Bring up sensitive topics without permission

Talk about graphic things without permission

Make r*pe jokes/abuse jokes/pedo/autistic jokes

Guilt trip/manipulate me or others

Disrespect my comforts

HATE SPEECHES. Unless I've given you permission, no hate speeches about ANYONE what so ever. 'Nuff said.

Judge others

Start any unnecessary drama/conflict

Attack me or others over doubles

Attack me or others over stupid shit

Be creepy or unsettling (Like for example, trying to start ERPs and going through with it without permission, continuing with flirting even after you were told to stop, etc)

Invite me to groups associated with ANY type of fighting

Tag me in ANYTHING if I don't know you


Support me and others (kins/lgbt stuff/etc)

Make others feel loved, welcome, and valid.

Be understanding.

Be patient with me, I'm not very social.

Please tag me in photos of my kins/synpaths!

You may interact with my kins/synpaths if they are on shift.

Please send me photos of my comfort characters if you have any

I'm not a fan of small talk, so if you want to get to know me, lets both start on a topic we both enjoy. Please remember I tend to listen more than speak, so if I stop responding, I'm not ignoring you! I'm likely afk, responding to another message, being caught up in what I'm doing, or trying to figure out words to put into a sentence without sounding like a moron TwT

You can "copy"/base your about off of mine, I don't mind considering I heavily based my about off of others abouts LMAO

Be positive and overall, have fun!

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