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"drink it," she said, her voice quiet but firm. "xue meng won't be able to come—he's been stopped by his parents. i'm holding an umbrella here." her voice shook slightly as she continued, "you've been helping me and a-si by risking your life. now, even if no one is willing to help you, i will still help you."

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  • this is a private account, meaning i am not obligated to follow back, and i will softblock anyone i don't know, or anyone who isn't a friend of a friend. if i follow you first, however, you're all good!
  • remember! i am 18 (meaning that i am a legal adult where i live), so if that makes you uncomfortable, please do not follow me!
  • honesty is the best policy! if i do something that irks you or makes you uncomfortable, please tell me, and i will make sure to tell you in case of the same. i am always willing to grow and learn and better myself each and every day!

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  • are racist, a trump supporter, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, etc.
  • do not agree with the acab / blm movement.
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  • have had drama with me / disliked me in the past, unless we've put that history behind us.
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  • just want to talk shit. really? why?

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please tag:

  • gore, especially gory / bloody images.
  • pictures of any sort of bugs save for butterflies, moths, dragonflies, or ladybugs.
  • heavy nsfw (i can take a joke / mild nsfw, but nothing more than that).

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  • anything you need, all you have to do is let me know if you need something tagged!
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