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cringiest lists you'll ever see and you won't even be able to figure them out pls find something better to do thanks

Myu follows:
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  • kokichi oma from danganronpa v3
  • saeyoung choi from mystic messenger
  • ryuji sakamoto from persona 5
  • ekko from league of legends
  • edward grenore from elsword
  • mary from ib
  • zacharie from off
  • sans from undertale


  • shuuya kano from kagerou project
  • karma akabane from ansatsu kyoushitsu
  • masaomi kida from durarara!!
  • karamatsu matsuno from osomatsu-san
  • kyoko sakura from puella magi madoka magica
  • mari ohara from love live! sunshine!!


  • bill cipher from gravity falls
  • nick wilde from zootopia


  • cellbit from youtube
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