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Co is my nickname, Nada is my pseudonym of choice.

My name is Cosima, it's Italian and it comes from the Greek word cosmos, meaning universe. I used to hate it but now I really like it.

I was born in Geneva 20 years ago, and raised in France. Mostly Paris, but also in Strasbourg for some time. There's nowhere in the world I love more than I love Paris, but there are many places I love. Pragu...

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  • I made mistakes. Huge mistakes. But even though I still haven't forgiven myself for them, it's OK. They brought more good then bad in the end
  • My life changed completely
  • I matured incredibly, but I haven't changed much
  • I'm closer to knowing what I want
  • I still haven't "found love," not even close
  • Actually, I haven't had one actual, "real" relationship in 2009
  • But I've got great friends
  • I learned that when I have a guy friend, all he really wants is to fuck me
  • I also learned that just because a guy wants to fuck you, does not mean he wants to be with you
  • I also learned that it doesn't really matter and that whatever shit happens, you'll get over it.
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