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Co is my nickname, Nada is my pseudonym of choice.

My name is Cosima, it's Italian and it comes from the Greek word cosmos, meaning universe. I used to hate it but now I really like it.

I was born in Geneva 20 years ago, and raised in France. Mostly Paris, but also in Strasbourg for some time. There's nowhere in the world I love more than I love Paris, but there are many places I love. Pragu...

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It's already July 2011, but I made one of those for 2009.

  • Things just kept getting better.
  • I just kept getting happier.
  • I grew up so much.
  • I learned to take the most out of whatever I get.
  • I realized how incredibly lucky I am in life.
  • I discovered that when it comes to relationships, I haven't changed at all since I was 15.
jul 7 2011 ∞
dec 13 2011 +