My favorite of everything that I can come up with; All subject to change the second after I post them

  • Musician: A Fine Frenzy
  • Band: Indochine (or DCFC or Mumford and Sons)
  • Wrock Band: Ministry of Magic
  • Musician live: Dan Mangan (albeit, I have yet to hear AFF live...)
  • Song: Life Is Beautiful at this second...
  • Author (writing): Oscar Wilde
  • Author (story): JK Rowling
  • Author (person): John Green (who I most want to meet)
  • Book: Fahrenheit 451 (in gr. 11?)
  • Movie: Paris, Je T'aime or Black Swan
  • Illegal film: hehe. Wizard People, Dear Reader.
  • Chick Flick: He's Just Not That Into You
  • Disney Movie: child: Beauty and the Beast now: Hercules
  • Movie Ending: Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog
  • Musical: A Very Potter Muscial (at the moment)
  • Possession: Pocketwatch or typewriter
    • Although I can't see myself living without my ipod, cell or macbook.
  • Transportation: Electric Car
    • If I lived in a different city: The METRO
    • If I lived with a different climate: BICYCLE
  • City to live in: Vancouver
  • City to visit: Amsterdam (subject to change)
  • Artwork: Almond Blossom by Van Gogh
  • Course: Secondary school- English (closely followed by Film and TOK)
    • University- I like my history classes, but Latin's gotta win.
  • Snack: Garlic Bread. YUM.
  • Meal: Sushi (all you can eat? YES.)
  • Fandom: Harry Potter
  • Web Comic: GND
  • Youtuber/channel: The Vlogbrothers
  • Television Show: umm...if Moffat writes it, I'll like it.
  • Television Personality: Stephen Fry
  • Fashion Icon: Lady Gaga (duh.)
  • Blog: What I Wore Such great style!
  • Podcast: Savagelove. hehehe.
  • Riddle: Tom. actually, thisisnottomdotcom, but Tom Riddle is pretty cool.
  • E-card website: Someecards. They have the most amazing, hilarious stuff, plus it's all free. I'm actually being serious here.
  • Friend: HAHA. Joking. No favorites here. =)
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user picture scientology: YES 451 dec 6 2009
user picture Audrey: I'm glad to be your seat companion in your favorite class. Oh, WAIT. YOU ABANDONED ME. Just kidding. No worries. I love garlic bread too... ahhhh. And I think we both know that you only didn't choose your favorite friend so as not to hurt any feelings. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure everyone's accepted that it's ME. feb 7 2010
user picture roxy: adventure time always the best. haha, sorry for being a creeper, just made one of these, clicked on someone new~ jul 27 2010
user picture Nathalie: It's a great show, and Listography stalking is almost as great as facebook, so no worries. :D
user picture roxy: sah-weeeeeeeeeeeet!!!