Also, considered calling the list "What defines me" but I don't know if I should even try to define myself...

  • My adoration and borderline obsession for the Harry Potter series.
  • How I can never have more messages in my inbox than it takes for the page to be scrollable.
  • I prefer using my parents old SLR camera to my digital one.
    • edit: DSLR win. :D
  • Sending letters rather than emails, if only because I like receiving them
  • I enjoy most popular music, until I hear the song twice in a day.
  • I was a Twilight fangirl until grade 10.
  • Fanfiction kept Harry Potter alive for me for a good while after the final installment.
  • I find difficulty going a day without my macbook
  • Wasting hours on the internet doing nothing of use is regular for me.
  • I can sing along with most of the songs on my ipod, and do so liberally when I'm alone (and never when others are around).
  • I've kept journals since I was 8 (2003?), and don't plan on stopping any time soon.
  • I'm a list person. Very very listy.
  • The most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen is when Snape finds Lily, and clings to her dead body in the final Harry Potter film, I can't even imagine the pain he was going through.
    • The Fault in our Stars seriously competes with this scene. Augustus' sickness, it kills me.
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user picture Audrey: 1. SLR thing = cool 2. I love the juxtaposition between all the old things like letter writing/SLRs and the things like macbook/internet 3. I WANT TO HEAR YOU SING! oct 5 2010
user picture Nathalie: I'll serenade you one day, but just a warning, I can't sing very well. :P