• Harry Potter
    • Today, my friend brought Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans to school, I was so excited to hold the box, it was ridiculous.
  • Disney Princess Movies
    • There's a quality to them, and their music, which I adore.
  • Pixar
    • Obvs.
  • Studio Ghibli
    • Best animated films available
  • Corsets/flapper dresses, era specific outfits
    • I love clothing from other eras, especially when people can pull off the outfits now.
  • Youtubers: Charlieissocoolike, Nerimon, Frezned, Community Channel, etc.
    • Mostly, but not limited to, good looking boys with accents.
  • Authors: John Green, Holly Black, Scott Westerfeld, JK Rowling, etc.
    • Because they make their livelihood writing books that I can devour.
  • Writers: Stephen Fry, Oscar Wilde etc. Because of their unbelievable use of words.
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