These goddamn Scholarship websites expect me to want to study in only 3 fields? They're crazy.

  • English
    • Studying literature and analyzing it -fun stuff.
    • Creative English, as in writing my own stuff.
    • Journalism
  • History
    • Specifically Europe, but Asia is also interesting.
    • Not so much war history as social changes, like women's and civil rights movements.
  • Cultural studies
    • Kind of ties in with history, but asian and south american culture along with European culture, and how Europeans influenced others through colonization.
    • NOTHING to do with Canada. Our country is boring.
  • Film Studies
    • Learning about the film industry, and different jobs involved
    • Continuing to make films, but learning on a much more intense level, better editing programs etc.
  • ASL
    • Communicating with our hands. What more can I say?
  • Languages
    • Can be clumped in with culture, I guess, but it would be cool to do more world literature combined with learning the language in which it was written.
  • Philosophy
    • Because there are so many different ways people look at the world.
  • Religion
    • Looking at the world through other eyes, understanding what I've stereotyped
    • Islam and asian religions sound particularly interesting.
  • Gender Studies
    • Not totally sure what this entails, but if it has to do with gender role in society, specifically the evolution of women's role, then I'm quite interested. Particularly in early 20th century Britain.
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