• House Gryffindor
  • Patronus Sea Turtle
  • Pet Barn Owl
  • Type of wand 11" Birch with the hair of a water sprite
  • Job of choice HIT WIZARD. Actually, I have no clue, probably a librarian...
  • Favorite classes Transfiguration and Charms
  • Elective Ancient Runes
  • Quidditch position Chaser
  • Character I would (like to) end up with Fred Weasley / Oliver Wood
  • Amorentia Old books, oranges, ice rinks.
  • Horcruxes The blue Swineburne poetry book (to be like Voldemort..?)
  • I would sneak out at night... TO THE KITCHENS! (or Room of Requirement)


  • Favourite pairing Teddy/Victoire or Ron/Hermione
  • Favourite generation Marauders (or next gen. CAN'T DECIDE)
dec 3 2009 ∞
apr 6 2011 +
user picture smm: hmmm, birch with the hair of a water sprite. nice choice, very nice. dec 13 2010
user picture Nathalie: Actually, the wand chose me. :P
user picture Jess: I thought this was very cute! :) Big HP fan myself. One day I'll have to make my own list like this (after I do a little more research). apr 2 2011
user picture Nathalie: Thanks! You should definitely make one, it's quite fun. :D apr 3 2011
user picture carls: I love harry potter! I think im going to make a look like this. jul 17 2012