Losing stuff really really bothers me. I have to keep track of all my stuff, because I just can't get over losing them.

-The more I like a possession, the more likely I am to bring it everywhere until I forget it somewhere.

  • UO grey flap gloves (November 2009)
    • found : Jan 2010. then misplaced somewhere around my house...
  • Clay awkward turtle necklace from Romania (October 2009)
  • Hand beaded bracelet from Romania (January 2009)
  • A hoodie vest (childhood)
  • One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich (December 2009)
    • found: April 2010, in my film class.
  • That yellow shoe for my polly pocket (childhood)
  • My "TEAM" bulldogs soccer warm up shirt (early May 2010)
    • FOUND: in July, I think, or June, but I got it back at the end of August. Anna took it, silly girl.
  • 3 pairs of gloves: urban outfittersx2, then H&M mitts. All within 2 years of uni.
  • Leather and gold bracelet, from a street artist in Porto.
  • Knowledge Network water bottle (mum's)
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